Here are a few highlights of what Serco does already in our ‘government’.

 To our friends in other parts of the world, don’t be surprised when you see similar structures in your own country run by the British Monarch through Serco: Serco manages all patents for the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office. Brits have the first shot at stealing American’s intellectual property rights. This is shocking but true. Serco controls the most sensitive data management systems in all branches of the military, federal government, and state and local municipalities. Serco controls air traffic management, airlines security, airport management and all aspects of ticketing, visa data management, and timetable management. Serco is called “the largest company no one has ever heard of.
“Serco and the Private Companies Running Your Country.
Serco’s Stranglehold on the US Military
 Serco – Evil Hidden in Plain Sight All Around You!


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