SEND EMERGENCY COMMUNIQUES TO US & RUSSIAN LEADERS! Trump wrongly bombed Russian forces.

Trump has shown himself to be a madman.  He has been the provocateur in Ukraine and Syria.  He has alternately been the friend and enemy of China and Russia.  Both are allied; both have the US outgunned.  They have superior defensive and offensive weaponry.

Tell them to play their parts in diffusing the present emergency, impeaching Trump, purging Zionists from the US government, intelligence services and militaries.  They have driven the US into immoral and costly wars to expand Israel and dominate the world–nor peacefully and beneficially coexist with it.

Through a broad range and long series of errors, the US has squandered wealth, power, prestige and any moral authority it has had  Most recently, the world community of nations has justifiably killed the petrodollar.  The US is acting like a wounded bear–desperately lashing out through an erratic, imprudent president to try to retain power.

Nothing good that Trump has accomplished or intends to accomplish is worth destroying the world through nuclear war–which he has now demonstrated he is willing to do.

Prepare for survival of war.

To have known you has been good.

Manifest harmony through enlightenment, principle, respect, engagement, courage, and justice!

May God intervene to save the world.

Mark Venzke


I fully agree with Mark.

Trump has completely betrayed his base, bowing as he is to the scumbag Neocon/Zionists that seized control of our government a long time ago, probably with the JFK assassination that THEY COMMITTED!

We must all make an effort to clearly state that we are unalterably opposed to these criminal psychopaths’ desire for world domination.

They are risking everything precious in life to attain their goals, and they will only be stopped by a mass of citizens bravely and forthrightly speaking out against their insane desires!

Nina Sidorova  –


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