Answers to Questions About Our Authority and Organization

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

I have described this situation to the Popes repeatedly since 1998. How is it possible that Cardinal XXXXXXXXX remains unaware?

The Holy See has been acting as our Global Trustee since the Civil War and selling us all into bondage almost at birth to profit itself. We have the proof, and in all the discussions that have gone on with the Holy See, the facts of the matter have never been in dispute.

Our Supreme Government is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where it has always been since 1776. It never moved.

The members of the United States Congress acting as representatives of the “States of States” (business entities literally belonging to our land jurisdiction States) operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea — in all three levels created by the nasty “Constitution” process: National, Territorial, and Municipal — moved to a fancy new capitol, Washington, DC, to better expedite their functions. Our land jurisdiction headquarters and the Continental Congress have remained in Philadelphia.

There have always been two kinds of Congress — United States Congress (sea) and Continental Congress (land).

The Continental Congress of The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated nineteen enumerated “powers” to the United States Congress to administer.

All of those powers are in the international jurisdiction of the sea. [Even the abused “interstate commerce clause” is in the international jurisdiction of the sea, because in America, every state is also a nation, therefore the word “interstate” is synonymous with “international”.]

Surely the same organization—the Holy See– that dreamed up the nightmare “constitutional system” and who created all these jurisdictions for air, land, and sea administration of their Global Trust, is competent to explain them to everyone? And surely, a Cardinal level Bishop entrusted with running the Church’s secular business can explain all this to you even better than I can. Bring this to Cardinal XXXXXXXXX.

If you examine the historical records it is crystal clear that the first Union of States is The United States of America, that this entity is “corporate” but not “incorporated”, and that it is the Source of all delegated authority entrusted to the members of the United States Congress.

It is also clear that The United States of America retained for itself and its member States all authorities related to our soil and land jurisdiction as well as retaining all non-delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea (see Amendment X where the members of the United States Congress admitted the fact).

In order to delegate power, XXXXXX, someone or something must first possess that power.

The Grantor of all “powers” ever vested in the United States Congress came from the Continental Congress of The United States of America, and when the United States Congress bungles itself into pernicious international intrigues and bankruptcies for profit, such that they are incompetent and insolvent, all those delegated powers return to the Grantor, to us, the sovereign States and People of this country and our Union of States —– The United States of America.

Not a particle of our soil or land is under the dominion of the fraud artists in Washington, DC, and now that they have rendered themselves incompetent, all our delegated powers naturally return to us for our administration. That’s what happened in 2015 with the Municipal Government and what happened again in 2017 with the Territorial Government.

We are the Priority Creditors and Holders in Due Course, owed all intellectual and actual property assets of both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States.

When our claims are met, the rest of the world can have whatever is left.

We have been competently operating our affairs to deal with these bankruptcies and arranging them so as to keep the constitutional system intact long enough for us to convene a Continental Congress of our member States, which are not— as you will note —- States of States.

As we are the sovereigns of this country it isn’t anyone else’s business to question our actions or our scheduling of Congressional Sessions, the locations of our meetings or anything else that we choose to do. The important point to you and the entire rest of the world is that yes, we are still here, we are awake and minding our shop, and we have made that very, very clear on the public record for a number of years.

The States are now assembling their delegations for a Continental Congress Session. At that Session we will clean up the mess that this country has been in for 150 years and we will likely choose to overturn the entire constitutional system. There is no known reason for us to continue to allow Great Britain to meddle in our affairs, especially in the face of already adjudicated gross incompetence, breach of trust, and violation of their commercial contract obligations.

If this is in any way Big News to you, or to the Cardinal, please be advised. Any “US Bankruptcy Trustee” operating as an Interpol Agent on our soil without the benefit of this information is skating on very thin ice. It would be extremely advisable if you will please advise the Cardinal and for him to advise the rest of the Cardinals and for them to competently advise the rest of the world. This is the way it is, and the way it has always been since 1776.


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