My Opinion — Turn It Off

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

When we stand here and let a porn star lecture us about morality and the rights of women— we are as nuts as she is. And when we fail our duty to “Turn the Knob” and silence the Mainstream Media promoting this idiocy, we are doubly damned as stand up idiots.

Turn it off. Just do it. And leave it off.

You will sleep better. You will spend less money. You will feel happier. You will not be vexed or worried or confused. Life will snap back into view.

You will have more time with your family and pets and gainful hobbies. Find a good weather channel for the only real news likely to impact you.

Believe me, you can do without “news” about fighting in Afghanistan, truck accidents in Chicago, and “Stormy” Daniels— and be just fine.

I haven’t listened to a mainstream “news” program since 1987. There is life after addiction—and it’s a great life, full of one’s own intellectual inquiries and adventures, devoid of senseless fears and useless trivia.

And hopefully also free of the cloying, illogical, mindless moral preening of whores.


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