Today’s Daily Dose of Ignorance from “Virgo Triad” —

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

She went to the USPS website and found out that I am NOT a USPS Judge — oh, my!

But exactly why would I, an international land jurisdiction judge, be listed as part of an international sea jurisdiction municipal COURT?

Uh, duh……?

“Virgo Triad” doesn’t know the difference between “Postal District 3” and “THIRD POSTAL DISTRICT”.

I’m not confused, but she certainly is.

Looking for me among Bar Attorneys is like looking for Dolly Parton in a gay men’s bar.

Let’s get this perfectly, absolutely, once and for-all-time straight: I am not a Bar Attorney, nor do I work for any Territorial or Municipal Court. Got that? Everyone? I am speaking plain English and I have written it down often enough:

Alaska State Superior Court Justice
Postal District 3 Judge

I have reclaimed my birthright political status and returned to the land and soil where I was born. All my “vessels” (names) have been re-flagged and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of my native state. I don’t do commerce. I am not a “resident” of any State of State. I occupy a totally different jurisdiction —-and so does my court.

So educate yourself “Virgo”, and until then, shut up and stop misleading people.


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