Worthy Research Project — Who Owns the “UN”?

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Who owns the “UN Corporation” — not the international organization chartered in 1945, but the for-profit bully-boy in the business of selling— you guessed it — essential governmental services? —which constantly tries to confuse itself with and hide behind the actual United Nations organization?

I suspect that when we dig into the history of this mysterious behemoth that began with French Nazi Sympathizers deserting their sinking ship toward the end of World War II— we will find that the same people own and/or control Serco, the UPU, Interpol, and the “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”.

Whatcha say, folks? Time to track the spiders back to their nests and the wasps back to their paper palaces and prove once and for all that this whole seemingly idealistic “United Nations” effort is nothing but a storefront for a supremely corrupt, violent, and evil commercial corporation?


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