Bunko and Bad Bookkeeping — Public Notice of World Court Liability

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Let’s look at the facts.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) is owed $4,778 Trillion.

The British-backed Territorial USA, Inc. owes @ $30 Trillion and is bankrupt.

The rats are trying to confuse one with the other—and also claim at the same time that we “abandoned” our assets — so that they can glom onto our land and our $4,778 Trillion credit and use that to pay off all their other “collective debts” and stage an “RV” and do all this other crazy stuff.

In order for President Trump to represent us in this matter, he needs to reclaim his own birthright political status as a native New Yorker, take the actual Oath of Office to become The President of The United States of America, and accept our bond which is already posted for him and on file with Mr. Mnuchin.

Now, strictly speaking, we don’t need Mr. Trump to speak for us, because we have already lifted our hands and The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the only competent international government for this country still standing.

As such, under the Last Man Standing Rule, we have already spoken for ourselves and given plenty of Notice to the entire world.

There can be no doubt how our government is structured. The People own the Republics, the Republics own the States, and the States own all the States of States at every level — National, Territorial, and Municipal.

It doesn’t matter if all three levels of “States of States” fail. The actual land jurisdiction States are still here and their Federation of States known as The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here.

We delegated certain “enumerated powers” to the States of States, but upon their incompetence, those delegated powers return to those who delegated them in the first place — to us, to our States, and to our union of States.

If the World Court takes any action contrary to our interests in this matter, the World Court and all its members will be liable for it.


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