Trillionaires for a Day

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

To all the BS surrounding “GCRs” and “RVs” and “NESARA/GESARA” I wish to call a halt.

The Central Bankers and their buddies are the ones who owe the debts, because they are the ones who profited from the gross misapplication of assets both before and after both World Wars and from the inflation this malfeasance has caused.

Since when did you or I ever “benefit” from inflation?

Since when did we get to “create money” by entering digits in a ledger?

Since when did we get to exchange our I.O.U’s for gold and silver under force of legal tender “laws”—and then go bankrupt, taking the gold and silver with us?

Since when did we get to kite checks on empty bank accounts — and have those checks honored?

Since when did we get to “hypothecate” debt against assets that actually belong to other people?

Never. So, since we never benefited from all this madness, who did? The banks. And since the banks got the benefit, who owes the debt? The banks, again.

And if they want to escape mutual perdition, who needs to write all those debts off and “forgive” them? The banks.

Not us. Not Joe Average. It’s not our debt. Not our fault. Not our problem.

The debt belongs to the banks and the only way the banks can be credited is if they forgive the debt.

Honest men would have faced the facts and jettisoned all this “debt” years ago. Even dishonest men with brains would have done the same, but no.

Instead, we have this crazy-making situation.

Inflation equals devaluation of currency.

The system the central banks set up in 1913 was designed to steal our money outright via the absurd “exchange rate” of their I.O.U.s for our silver and to devalue our American money via inflation.

What they did at Bretton Woods was just more of the same. Our money wasn’t devaluing fast enough to suit the Central Banks, so they created the “USD”—- another “mirror” —- of our actual United States Dollar, which is and remains, fine silver—–and they hauled out Bretton Woods and shoved that pile of manure down everybody’s throats.

Our assets and our money were used to rebuild the rest of the world after World War II and everybody including the Chinese know it. We were kept working like slaves to make it possible, too. We were the only nation on planet Earth that was never allowed to have peace after the Second World War.

And now that they have devalued their look-alike-sound-alike “USD” — which isn’t the actual United States Dollar anymore than I am a public transmitting utility called “ANNA M. RIEZINGER” —- they want all of us to take the fall for them.

Nyet. Not. Nein. No. Non. Not happening.

The Central Banks owe the actual Americans $4,778 Trillion. They owe the hardworking and inventive Germans even more per capita — $2612 Trillion. They owe the Italians $800 Trillion. They even owe the Greeks, who were supposedly “on the rocks” and “insolvent” over $600 Trillion.

Are you all beginning to get this gist of this? That it is all make-believe and hideously absurd? Where did all these astronomical numbers come from?

What I said yesterday —- bunko and bad bookkeeping.

Not the Red Dragon family, the White Dragon family, or the Purple Dragon family, either.

Just bunko and bad bookkeeping.

So now what is the banker’s solution? Oh, we “give it all back to the people”—-which sounds good superficially, because it is the people who have been harmed by all this crap — but then we get to the fine print.

They propose to hand out trillions of “dollars” —–digit dollars —- credit dollars — to Joe Blow, pretty much at random.

Imagine the situation? Joe Blow from Pittsburgh is suddenly a “trillionaire” and his friend, Fast Eddy, is a quadrillionaire—- at least, that’s what their account at the bank says.

So they start spending all this credit loot —- and before you know it, a cup of coffee costs a million dollars, everyone is charging a minimum wage of $10,000,000.00 per hour, a car costs a trillion and a half…..

And the vacuous, illusory, arbitrary nature of money and credit starts to dawn on everyone, but the Central Banks have one more throw.

When the “USD” — which was never our American Dollar at all, just deliberately confused with us and our money — is completely, utterly worthless, and everyone knows it for sure, ah, then they propose to come in and offer what they will advertise as “real money” —- silver and gold.

Oh, you mean like our American Silver Dollar that everyone made fun of and considered so novel and quaint?

They figure that in the wake of the worst hyperinflation in human history everyone will be so desperate for a “reliable” alternative that they will be begging to buy gold at $10,000 or $20,000 per ounce.

They are even bringing out that worthless old lie about “gold being a store of value”.

If so, why don’t you show us an ounce of gold that is “storing value” versus an ounce of gold that has “discharged” its value?

And they are inventing bogus philanthropists out of thin air, too, to try to explain how all this gold and silver got amassed in the first place.

By bunko and bad bookkeeping is the real answer.

Mao didn’t leave any benevolent “Chinese Elders” loaded down with tons of gold to give away.

If you believe that storyline you have rocks in your head and are too stupid to live.

So now, hopefully, you see why this purported “massive re-distribution of wealth” is really nothing of the kind, and is just the final hurrah to obliterate whatever value remains in the British Territorial United State’s currency the so-called “USD”—–a hyper-inflationary hurrah that would serve the central banker’s other goal of giving them an excuse to say that they paid back their debt, when all they have done is add a lot more digits to a ledger and cause a lot more misery worldwide.

No. It’s time to call an end to this crappola and an end to the Central Banks and the bankers running them. They need to be in jail the same way a little kid needs a spanking and a time out.


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