Judge Anna Replies to Idiots / Dinar Chronicles Posting

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

In the first place, nobody should ever give much credence to people who hide in the dark, who use pseudonyms and what appear to be initials like “PNW” and who have no real addresses. People like myself who have had their photos, actual names, actual emails and actual post office addresses plainly posted for years are much more reliable.

Second, I never claimed to be any “Alaska Supreme Court Judge” — EVER. That was a misunderstanding and misquote by someone active in the Republic of Texas organization who put out a video with that misinformation prominently displayed. I contacted them immediately and asked for them to correct it, but it was too late. Confirmation of the facts concerning who said this (not me) can be obtained from the Republic of Texas — reptx777@att.net.

I have always very clearly stated that I am serving in two court capacities: (1) Justice of the Alaska State Superior Court and (2) Judge of the Third (3) Postal District.

I should not be attacked over claims that I never made and these unreasoning (and if I may say, ignorant) attacks should be removed both from your website and YouTube as disinformation. [It is, or should be, perfectly clear to anyone that I am functioning as a land jurisdiction judge, not a Sea-B.]

Third, I went to the Pope once I realized that the corrupt and evil system we are struggling with was set up by the Roman Catholic Church. Uh-duh? And who else was I supposed to address with my concerns about what the Church was doing, if not the Pope and the Cardinals responsible?

As a result of all this dirty laundry being aired (See my letter to former Cardinal George of Chicago which is posted on my website www.annavonreitz.com –for a taste of the discussions we had.) Pope Benedict repented and asked for help getting the word out to his employees and giving Due Process to the guilty parties. I agreed to help do this, which is detailed in my book, “Disclosure 101” for anyone who has an honest interest.

That said, I have never been employed by or paid by the Pope or the Roman Catholic Church for these or any other services and I am certainly not a Roman Catholic. I am a card-carrying Lutheran since the age of seven.

So there, too, all you’ve got is a bunch of asinine assumptions and blowhard crappola posted on your website, which needs to be washed clean of such ignorant and irresponsible and anonymous bombast.

IF the people promoting these lies care to come out of the closet and go toe to toe with me on any topic or subject, I am confident that they will get the bad end of the stick. But as long as they specialize in unaccountable insinuations and falsehoods, my suggestion to you is to simply shut them down and give them no credibility, because they deserve none.

This morning I got a message from a friend saying, “They are calling you a fake!”

To which I replied — “Who is? The con artists responsible for this Mess, or the foreign judges without law degrees enforcing it?”

Since nobody knows who “Virgo Triad” is and nobody knows who “PNW” is either, it’s not possible to answer that question, but ten gives you twenty that the liars lying to you about me are most likely the liars who have lied to you about everything else, too.


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