Letter to President Trump – May 3, 2018

judge2banna-1   Anna von Reitz

Dear Mr. Trump:

We do not have a contract with any incorporated entity merely calling itself “THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. We present the only actual entity known as The United States of America in any form and you are now infringing on our name so as to give the world, as well as many Americans, a deliberately false idea of relationship and authority.

As we have repeatedly informed Mr. Rothschild, we do not accept any further service contract with France/FRANCE and our government is not in abeyance.

Any services rendered will be considered a gift so long as they are rendered in accord with the Constitutions and commercial contracts we are owed by both the Holy See and Britain. Any continuance of illegal mercenary actions on our shores by France/FRANCE will be interpreted as international crimes and dealt with accordingly.

We do not intend to run our government like a sleazy discount furniture business that goes bankrupt in a cyclical fashion to avoid its debts and bilk its suppliers.

The offer to contract with “THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” has been made and refused. This is our International Notice of Non-Assumpsit.

We suggest that the Principals responsible for the commercial crimes and false pretenses advanced against us and our people come peacefully to the table to settle the actual accounts without further attempts to obfuscate.

We have begun the process of cleaning up the Birth Certificate Racket and the Quasi-Military Courts which have operated as criminal organizations involved in Human Trafficking, Breach of Trust, Unlawful Conversion of Assets, Impersonation, Press-Ganging, Inland Piracy, and other international and commercial crimes since 1865.

We expect and demand that to the extent “THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” has a presence and does business on our shores it will cease and desist all pretenses of military occupation and that you will realize that all delegated powers have naturally and unavoidably reverted to The United States of America (Unincorporated) as a result of the incompetence of all three levels of the federal government —with the single exception of the agreements we have formed with the American Native Tribes.

The world is thus put on Notice of these facts and the World Court and Holy See and British Crown and British Monarch and UN Corporation, the Government of France, and the respective Central Banks are all held directly and personally liable.

Our entire country has been defrauded for 150 years and as you all have cause to know, fraud vitiates everything, rendering all actions and contracts tainted by it null and void. Therefore, all presumptions deriving from the so-called “Reconstruction” and all the Acts of the [Territorial] United States Congress are also null and void since March of 1861.

Our government remains and so do the States and People of this country.


Anna Maria Riezinger
James Clinton Belcher
Head of State


Anna von Reitz
Anna von Reitz I also trust that all the other countries in the world including France, which all owe us money and whose own Territorial and Municipal Governments have all been chartered via abuse of our Patent and Trademark Office, fully realize that they must work with us to correct their operations and cannot simply “discharge their own debts” at our expense. Such lawlessness and false claims in commerce can only result in further acrimony and corruption. 


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