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Why is Trump scrabbling around listening to lectures from Macron, leader of a country that has owed us money ever since the Napoleonic Wars?

Obviously, if he is going to Macron for money, Donald Trump doesn’t know how much money is owed to the actual States of the Union and is instead getting side-tracked and deluded worrying about debts owed by the States of States.

Let’s see — I have $4,778 Trillion in one pocket and vast, vast hard assets— gold, silver, platinum—- in eight major banks right here in America, yet I scrabble around desperately trying to raise capital to pay off a $30 Trillion debt owed by the Housekeeping Staff? Hello, again?

Here’s an idea, Mr. Trump—- take your actual Public Oath of Office, enter into the actual Presidency, and then, we take $30 Trillion out of our right pocket and transfer it to our left pocket….

What a concept!

Obviously— Big D doesn’t have a clue how much money he has available, and his Generals aren’t telling him. But we know.

There’s a cell of the old, nasty, corrupt Municipal United States DOD working out of North Carolina and they are playing for the wrong side. Everything they touch turns to lies and kaka.

They are doing their level best to make sure that Donald Trump remains ignorant about the actual finances of this country, and choking off and delaying and misdirecting funding that should already be available.

They need to be shut down. And he needs to be clued in.

White Hats? What are you waiting for? Christmas?


Richard W Shriber
Richard W Shriber This is a huge job, it’s going to take planning committees and strategy to know where to start and how to proceed but I envision a lot of house arrests, a total reorganization of the department of justice as we collect the banking system from the federal reserve and all of the foreign-owned federal reserve, et Cetra, the Inc. United States. Where do we start, with Legislators who actually work for Inc. government, that has to be sorted out? We’re still under martial law which I guess is a point to start with, with the flag in his hand, openly declare and house arrest everybody outside of the executive branch because the rest are just stinking slither balls!


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