Don’t Look Now, But, It’s October 1929….

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

The stage has been set for the Eternal Return of things….

The stock market has been run up to historic highs….. speculative investments by pension funds and small timers hoping to make a fortune via leveraging, or, in the case of the pension funds, to build a hedge against continued inflation, have had their anticipated impact.

The owners of the “government” have been taking their “dips” out over the past several months, causing the yo-yo effect. Bear in mind that Lockheed-Martin is just one of the major corporations now under the full de facto control of the British Crown, which has studiously used the Federal Reserve ESF Funds (both of them) to destabilize our country just as it has done to many, many smaller nations worldwide.

Then, for fun, as a final “‘flourish” and “last hurrah” the British Bankers cum Bunko Artists plan to unleash “Prosperity Packages” to utterly destroy whatever value is left in their very own look-alike-sound-alike mirrored fiat currency calling itself the “US DOLLAR” or “USD” — which is not in any way related to our money in fact.

Unleashing all those secretive “private prosperity packages” will in very short order create massive hyper-inflation just like what they did to the Weimar Republic, and leave our country destitute, desperate, starving, disoriented, wondering what happened—just like the Weimar Republic.

That will leave them with a corner on the gold market and an new “FIX” in China, where they can manipulate world gold supplies and prices to their heart’s content, and manipulate things to squeeze $10,000 or more per ounce out of the grandchildren of the men and women they stole it all from in the first place.

All they have to do is: (1) collapse the NYSE; (2) issue the “Prosperity Packages”; (3) come back in and buy up everything in sight for pennies on a dollar; (4) suck up to the Chinese Government and try to convince the Chinese that they are harmless old gentlemen and that they are here to cheat the Americans and pass the profits on to the Chinese.

All they have to worry about is lulling the Chinese into being dumb enough to believe it.

Actually, when you add in the Weimar Republic Reprise, it is more like a combination of a replay of 1907 in Europe, plus 1929 in the USA.

And what I say about this, is that if they carry through on this plan of theirs — that everyone worldwide must recognize who they are, what they did, how they operate, and where they live.

Enough said, folks.

I will ask for the deployment of VAXX Technology to deal with this infestation of unrepentant psychopaths.


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