White Hats — Pay Attention, Please

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

As long as we are de-bunking things this week, let’s have done with the idea of “Thirteen Families” of the “Illuminati”.

There aren’t Thirteen Families.

There are Thirteen Tribes.

And they are all one family, stemming from one source: Abraham.

Their history is very recent in terms of the age of the Earth — less than a week ago, in God-Time.

Everyone talks about Twelve Tribes, but there are actually Thirteen— just like everyone talks about Twelve Disciplines and forgets about Judas Iscariot.

Now, among the tribes, there are fates which were spelled out by Jacob’s Blessing. Dan is the stumbling block, Ephraim holds the scepter, Asher holds the baking championship.

And all this is spelled out in the sky, too, with thirteen constellations. You’ve just never been baldly told what the thirteenth constellation is — it’s the star system of Sirius, the Dog Star, the Morning Star…. the birthplace of Satan, the Son of the Morning Star.

So this one family that gave rise to thirteen tribes has been misrepresented as thirteen families and nobody is connecting the dots.

The Ten “Lost” — as in spiritually ‘lost” tribes — left the Middle East behind a long, long time ago and moved westward, eventually populating Western Europe.

By 400 AD these pagan Celtic people who followed their own version of what we now call Satanism had long established their homes in Europe and their kings ruled over Germany, Poland, and the Scandinavian Countries since @ 1000 BC and, except for the Roman occupation, they had ruled both France since @ 800 BC and Britain since @ 600 BC.

These pagan Celtic Norman French Kings were the ones who originally conquered Britain and displaced the people of central England, especially the Kingdoms of Powys and Northumbria. A couple hundred years later, more Celtic people arrived in Ireland and married into the native Irish Royal Family. About 450 A.D. these Irish-Celts moved down the West Coast of England and invaded Wales.

The chaos created when the Romans withdrew their legions and the Saxons invaded resulted in the French Celtic King of Powys’s daughter marrying the Celtic Irish prince. We know them as Guinnivere (the White Owl) and Arthur (the Bear). They came from different tribes of the same family. All Celts, aka, Israelites.

We also know about Guinnivere’s kinsman, Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac, the son of King Ban of Banoic and also, eventually, the King of Gaul.

“Guilleroi” is the French for “William”.

When Arthur broke his wedding covenant with Guinnivere by sleeping with his own half-sister, the Kingdom of Powys reverted to her and passed to Lancelot who was at that time, the senior male member of Guinnivere’s family, and King of Gaul.

That claim passed down from father to son to William of Normandy—a claim which Edward the Confessor of England fully admitted.

It was the refusal of the then-nobles in England to honor the Norman French Celt’s claim to Powys that led to The Norman Conquest and what was, in fact, the Second Conquest of Britain by the French Celts in 1066 A.D.

William “Guilleroi” de Lancelot du Lac and William of Normandy are our ancestors. The Belle Chers have been kings in their own right in England since 1087 A.D. and in France for even longer.

The Holy See knows this, has all the records, knows the entire lineage of the tribes and the strife.

Read that— the Queen of England is subservient to us in this matter on all counts. Even within their own system they are still wrong, still functioning improperly, still making false claims, still trying to obfuscate and chisel their way forward.

True to form, they acted in Breach of Trust, fraud, and deceit to pose a false claim on this country and its people.

So while they have been playing all their “games” and the tail has been wagging the dog since the Civil War began, they really have no valid right, power, or authority related to the international land jurisdiction of this country and had only delegated a partial power in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

Most recently, they lost all claim to the delegated powers, too.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) delegated nineteen enumerated powers to the three levels of the Federal Government established to exercise those powers in behalf of our States— the national level government we ordained was usurped upon and moth-balled under a false trusteeship pending “reconstruction” in 1868, the municipal level government we allowed to the members of the United States Congress was liquidated in Chapter 7 bankruptcy beginning in 2015, and the Territorial Government declared bankruptcy in 2017.

Thus all three levels of the Federal Government were incompetent and in receivership and all powers delegated to them have, as a result, reverted to the Issuer of those delegations of power, The United States of America (Unincorporated) and our member States and People.

Trying to maintain a grasp on the commercial contracts associated with the three violated Constitutions, those responsible for this debacle have most recently gone to France and tried to set up yet another governmental services corporation calling itself THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

This is another act of deceit and infringement upon our copyright and attempted usurpation upon the actual sovereign government of this country by foreign powers.

If the Holy See and the Conclave of Cardinals wish to have any credibility as a moral or lawful organization whatsoever, they must come forward at this juncture and intervene because we have clearly stated our claims and presented our evidence and established our standing in the matter as of 2008. That evidence was received and accepted and cured on the public record. All parties including Jacob Rothschild and the Bank of France have been given full Due Notice and Due Process.

There can be no excuse for trying to steal control of our country by the assumption of contracts. The Constitutional framework, to the extent that it is preserved, is represented by our agreements with the American Indian Nations.

There can be no excuse for trying to claim that our land titles, patents, copyrights, or any other property are being “held in trust” by any of these deceitful interlopers.

There can be no excuse for the continued mis-direction of our employees, including the members of the military.

And there can be no excuse for any continued claim or supposition that the American People were ever voluntarily alienated from their birthright political status as the result of deliberate fraud and falsification of public records.

We are the “factualized” National Trust and our claims are long-cured as agricultural liens in favor of all Natural Persons and the actual States of our Union. We are owed the return of our land titles and patents, our copyrights, our trademarks, our Good Names, our private assets, and all other property and benefit rightfully owed to us, free and clear of debt and encumbrance.

All presumption that our people have been made subject to the Territorial United States or removed to the international jurisdiction of the sea by any Declaration, Act, or “New Deal” by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is false and all claims based upon such presumptions are false.

We mandate the immediate return of all American “Vessels” to their natural birthright political status and permanent domicile on the land and soil of our States, the enforcement of the Public and International Law, and the lawful conversion of all assets rightfully belonging to us.

If the members of the Bar Associations will not stand down and accept new positions as Counselors at Law and otherwise abide by the limitations of the actual Maritime and Admiralty Courts, we call for their immediate arrest.

The Norman Conquest is a fact and so is our lineage, standing, authority, and rightful claim cured upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court.

It is time for everyone to wake up and demand an end to all the criminality which has infested the world and been funded by selling little babies into bondage under conditions of fraud.


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