The Source of Your Sovereignty

  Anna von Reitz

In reply to “Unknown” and apparently also “Unknowing” who thought that James Clinton Belcher was running around the world claiming to be the “US Secretary of State” —- no, Sir, that would be John Kerry, who was once US Secretary of State under Obummer.

But let’s address this point so that everyone gets it. Your individual sovereignty in this country came from somewhere. It wasn’t just something that sprang out of thin air, and it wasn’t something that the Founding Fathers could magically confer on you, because they didn’t have it themselves.

Ah, so….. how did Americans become sovereigns in their own right?

Go back to the end of the American Revolutionary War and a young Colonel in the Continental Army named William Belcher — an heir of William the Conqueror.

The Belchers acted as Heads of States because someone who was already a sovereign in 1783 had to act in that capacity in order to conduct international trade and commerce. That’s the way things were set up back then. The former-Colonists didn’t want to choose one of the European Monarchs so they chose William Belcher and used his Coat of Arms as their emblem and seal. Both the Great Seal of The United States of America and the dependent Great Seal of The United States are part of the Belle Cher array.

What this means for you is that after the Revolutionary War was won, William Belcher extended individual sovereignty to every man who served in the Continental Army and to every “Mother’s son and daughter” born on the soil of this country forever afterward. He didn’t stay with being “king” —- he made you all kings and queens in your own right, just as his own ancestor, William the Conqueror, extended sovereignty to him.

So that when Americans say that they are sovereigns — that’s literal. And that is something that has stuck in the craw of the European nobility for over 200 years, even if most people are too ignorant to know the basis of their claim to be a “sovereign people”.

And now that we have dealt with that issue, let’s observe that extending sovereignty to everyone else in this country did not change his own sovereign status. He continued to serve his country in that capacity until he died and he taught his children the history and instilled in them a sense of duty that has lasted over 200 years and which brought James Clinton Belcher forward to serve in this hour of need.

James is an artist — a very, very accomplished artist. He is a man with zero interest in politics. He is also a very private man who hates limelight of any kind. So coming forward and risking his life to save this country and your asses is not exactly something he wanted to do.

I suggest you shut up and thank God that he did or by now, we’d all be embroiled in yet another “World War” and European bill collectors would be bringing false commercial claims against every stalk of wheat in this country.




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