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The Fascinating History of Guns and Gun Law

Jackie Edwards Maine Reveals Its Pioneering Gunsmith History Around one in three Americans own at least one gun, which might make Maine’s 22.6% gun ownership rate seem low. However, in the 1800s, Maine was a leader in the production and innovation of … Continue reading

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Proof That Our Federal Government Was Usurped By Foreign Corporations—

  Anna von Reitz With many thanks to my Soul Brother John-Henry Hill who compiled a short and to-the-point documentation and proof of exactly WHAT has been functioning “as” our government since 1868. I have seen these documents and others like … Continue reading

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More Proof that T-ROH is Crazy Crap

  Anna von Reitz I exposed the completely ridiculous nature of the claims being put forward by Keith Livingway and his band of Merry Men, so they answered by issuing an “International Arrest Warrant” for a non-existent person — an “Anna” … Continue reading

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