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Post RV many will need answers as to why their spouses, parents, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are suddenly wealthy… this is a very honest review of the 70-years GCR/RV journey.


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You have entered a new cycle of existence as marked by the Chinese lunar calendar, otherwise known as 2015 A.D. or “The Year of the Sheep.” No longer is humanity to be economically abused, or forced to believe that we owe the Central Bankers anything. Know that all sovereign debts have all been settled by the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family (keepers of the world’s wealth) in negotiated conjunction with 200+ Sovereign Nations of the world via international treaty.

All nations of the world have agreed to reset their currency’s value to a common gold standard value, which the Red Dragon Family has collateralized in tangible gold assets. Also, as a result of this new macroeconomic harmony, all fiat papered “money” is to now be redeemed, collected and burned; with new gold backed bills issued.

This exchange process is part of a Global Currency Reset (GCR) and has largely gone unnoticed by existing mass media outlets, whose owners also own the privatized Central Banking system. They have intentionally restricted the free flow of information globally as to protect their interests; and have done a remarkable evil job of keeping this historic event out of the public consciousness. That is until now!

Some information in this historical overview might be new, some might be eye-opening, while some might be shocking or illogical at first. Thus, all may accept or dismiss any claim as fact, but do contemplate all information and simply discern your own truth. We hope this presentation activates your consciousness and serves as a reminder to your subconscious to activate your greatness.

Together, we are now entering the reality of a Global Currency Reset (GCR) & Revaluation of Currencies (RV), which is set to begin public redemptions very soon. So be encouraged, stay openhearted to the process and let’s all unify in spirit to heal our species and planet in form… humanity: welcome back to financial sanity!



Most people are aware that planet earth has been made to exist in an unsustainable manner for centuries, both in terms of abuse of natural resources and through the use of economic mechanisms via a well-entrenched fiat Central Banking System.

But no country, even the USA, can continue to print money without having tangible assets collateralizing debt. Yet this is precisely what the Central Banking System has done. In effect, they have attempted to privatize global wealth, monitoring and restricting the world’s money supply, including bonds, banking instruments, stocks, digital, paper and coin currencies.

This private global monetary control framework was introduced to the world during Bretton Woods Conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, June of 1944.


At this conference, NATO introduced a global monetary and military strategy that was agreed to by 44 Allied Nations in treaties. “The Allies”, who won the war, declared that the United States of America was the world’s liberator, and should also, therefore, be the world’s future military enforcer and top economic power player. All this, in compensation for winning the war for humanity.

Thus, the USA was granted the right to print the de facto global reserve currency, and called it the United States Dollar (USD), whereby all other currencies of the world would be held in par comparison to determine their own international value.

The almighty USD quickly spread as the said de facto global reserve currency—replacing the British Pound Sterling—and the United States suddenly was allowed to “print” as much USD as they deemed necessary without any international oversight, except for those same families who owned the Central Banking System.

Knowingly, our own US Congress secretly voted in favor of allowing a new private bank named the Federal Reserve (FED) to print the emerging nation’s physical money for our own United States Treasury. This act of treason was called the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and the FED alone would be allowed to have full global monetary authority over rest of the world.

This “blank check” mentality directly financed all of the current global monetary debt/insanity that humanity endures today. However, also during Bretton Woods (1944), the NATO Alliance and the United States needed to “put up” collateral in order to launch their world domination plan.

So they asked the Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family, who agreed in the spirit of a greater good vision for reconstruction of society in the age of the new world. It was this same Chinese Royal Red Dragon Family who had also funded the American war against the British Empire in the late 1770’s, and why to this day Americans still shoot off Chinese fireworks honoring their gifts every 4th of July.

So the Red Dragons agreed to lend their gold to the Central Bankers for a maximum fifty-year period, ending in 1996 (plus a 5-year transition or grace period, making the back wall return date September 11, 2001). And with this benevolent act, the global Central Banking System was born, allowing all good standing sovereign nations to borrow redevelopment capital, and/or leverage through trade, in order to rebuild their war-torn countries post WW2.

Now to fully understand the amount of gold loaned to the free world by the Red Dragons, one must first understand that gold has been mined across Southeast Asia for over 5,000 years. And these 26 different factions of Red Dragon Families hoard, maintain, increase, and protect their assets with unparalleled commitment. So when they agreed to lend their gold, all be it benevolently in favor of the greater good of humanity, they expected to get it back at some future point in time.

So the Central Bankers began leveraging the vaulted gold assets as early as in 1946, and began reconstructing societies worldwide. This was the golden era for Americalate 1940’s through the mid-1960’s. Growth and possibility seemed endless in the USA. But sadly, since ultimate power ultimately corrupts, the central bankers decided to keep the gold for themselves and began devising a strategy to accomplish this evil end.

So they manufactured wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon Bosnia, Kuwait, and Iraq. Then came 9/11, which led humanity down its current military and financial pathway into Afghanistan, Iraq (again), Egypt, Syria, Israel/Palestine (again), Libya, and finally Ukraine.

All of these wars were in direct response to giving the Red Dragons collateralizing assets to the defaulting Central Banking System. This came to a head when the Red Dragons demanded payment for the derivative debts of Lehman Brothers in 2007—when they demanded that their interest on the gold loaned be paid back.

But when Lehman could not pay the debt call, the USG declared a financial emergency worldwide and borrowed $700B from its citizens (T.A.R.P.) in order to maintain the repayment schedules of the Federal Reserve Bank to the Red Dragons.

As of March 1, 2015, neither the FED nor the United States of America Corporation (founded in 1871) had the liquidity to satisfy the repayment of its debt and thus turned the USG over to White Knight Military leaders in the US Pentagon, and so they now run the country’s affairs. This transition has quietly been rolling out going back to the 4th quarter of 2012.

So if you hear the term “Global Currency Reset” or “Revaluation of Currencies” in the future, simply understand that the world is settling back to an economic balance between sovereign nations, whereby each nation agrees to “revalue their currency” in harmony with a pre-agreed, common gold standard of value to both measure and trade wealth.



Now that the Red Dragons have claimed ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank and all its assets through sovereign treaty defaults, our once strong USD has lost its worldwide value and credibility, and as a result, the Red Dragons have replaced the USD with a new global digital currency called the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN); and have backed it with gold. In essence, stabilizing the US economy, while at the same time replacing the old global reserve currency (USD) with a basket of new global reserve currencies, headlined by the Chinese Renminbi/Yuan (RNB/CYN) respectively. All smaller sovereign countries, once completely dependent upon the almighty USA and FED to determine their own country’s currency valuehave been released from economic bondage and allowed to revalue their currencies against a gold standard.

Meaning, long sanctioned and war-torn countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, and Zimbabwe are all getting new economic life, as the leaders of the old banking system give way to new, more moral leadership. Although just replacing the banking is not enough, as bad habits die-hard. So along with a new gold back currency must also come new political leadership, approved by the BRICS Alliance, which formed after the market crash in 2007 for precisely this purpose.


BRICS is an acronym representing the nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, and their economic resources united together, have replaced the United States as the world’s leading economic power, as well as the USD as the global reserve currency by which all other currencies are valued as equal.

Born out of necessity, the BRICS Alliance Redevelopment Bank was thrust into the spotlight with a 100B endowment from all participating alliance members. This new global monetary lending source has all but replaced and eliminated the need for the private Central Banking System old control mechanisms, namely the International Monetary Fund and World Bank—both of which were created during the Bretton Woods Conference circa 1944.

The new BRICS Alliance lays claim to over three billion in total population, 60% GDP and controls vital transportation, military and natural resources in several strategic locations across Asia, Africa, and South America.

The BRICS Alliance, and their growing list of allies, has gained much needed economic and military autonomy from the once-dominant US, NATO and European Union collation.

But how did the BRICS Alliance accomplish such a Global Currency Reset without the whole world knowing, given the violent pushback from said private Central Banking Families and their minions?

Well, first they quietly audited all global debt, and then prepared to collateralize all debts against their own gold reserves. This meant that the Red Dragon Elders had to agree to put up the physical gold to cover the entire world’s debt! Hard to believe, but none-the-less true, as that is precisely what happened. Their leader known only as “Grandfather,” recently agreed to release the collateralizing gold reserves in greater good service to humanity. And for this humanity is eternally grateful. Thank you, Grandfather!

The Red Dragon Family’s benevolent actions have allowed the BRICS Alliance to publically replace the old banking system with realistic and sustainable gold backed currency values, thus setting the stage for a new age of enlightenment. Meaning, the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and Revaluation (RV) will create a new understanding of value across all industries, countries and cultures… and allow good standing sovereign nations to peg their own country’s monetary value on a common, permanent and consistent benchmark for thousands of years.

Yes, some currencies will naturally rise based on their in-ground assets and gold holdings (ZIM, VND, IDR, IQD, TRY, MXN, PHP), while others will fall just as fast (USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, DEM, CAN). But in the end, all sovereign nations who agree to participate within the rules of the BRICS Alliance, do so by their own accord, via international treaty, and in turn, now have eliminated their sovereign debt… creating a sustainable gold backed, global economic future for us all.

Again, thank you Red Dragon Elders, and thank you, Grandfather, for your infinite generosity and selfless commitment to preserving and ascending the human condition. We are forever humbled and honored to be participating in such a historic planetary event.



To understand how and why currencies historically redeem, it’s wise to first look at the base monetary value and how that standard is assigned. First, one must look at the intrinsic universal value of gold historically, and accept the fact that gold is now, and has always been a currency. Also, consider that all in-ground assets, including oil, gems, minerals, and precious metal are all traded like currency since the beginning of modern commerce.

Meaning, just as physical gold bullion or coins were once traded for everyday goods like we do today with paper or digital currencies, in theory, that never stopped. In fact, the new gold standard will see individuals exchanging physical gold for actual goods and services, including transactions between governments.

This is why the world going back to the old gold benchmark is so dramatic, and why it had to become the new benchmark by which all value is measured, as opposed to Central Bank issued notes, sovereign bonds, banking instruments, derivatives, credit cards and local fiat currencies. The insurmountable debt those fiat philosophies created was crippling, irresponsible, and immoral.

Thus, every monetary unit of value now has a real equity relationship to gold, either moving towards or away from the gold standard’s 1:1 ratio. Thus, the citizenry of the world is again playing on a level economic playing field.

However, to achieve such global harmony, all currencies must first adjust or “revalue” to an accurate and equitable gold standard. Some currencies will do so publically and immediately—and be in a “first basket of revaluations” such as the Iraq Dinar, Vietnam Dong, Zimbabwe Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah. While others will gradually and quietly transition as to not upset the masses or global money supply algorithms.

Once a currency is adjusted or is revalued, an arbitrage is created within exchangeable value or price; thus creating economic opportunity for anyone who physically holds such an adjusted sovereign debt instrument; and should they desire to redeem the currency in a bank, they can receive the difference as profit… or loss depending on which currency is held.

Now, it is true some currencies will revalue up, while others will revalue down. And a few will even collapse and need to be taken out of circulation slowly like the ECB’s Euro and Federal Reserve’s USD; some are most certainly to spike much higher, like the Zimbabwe Dollar, which is scheduled to revalue as many as fifteen decimal places since 2009. Yet in the end, most will ultimately readjust unnoticed, with a select few not adjusting at all because they never left the gold standard measurement of value.

To better illustrate how international sovereign currencies of the world will move in relation to gold’s updated value, below is a graphic that visually shows the distance a currency must travel in order to unify with the current fair market value of gold.

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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 11, 2018


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