Mother’s Day

  Judge Anna von Reitz

It’s Mother’s Day. Who cares if it was a Hallmark Holiday?

The truth is that it is a celebrating of all the acts— great and small — that we all make every day of every year, to take care of and nurture others and to take care of the Earth and otherwise pay our dues.

I am very proud this day of my most recalcitrant child, my Step-Daughter, Brenda, who — having almost nothing to spare — nonetheless spent all that she had to save her cat companion, Sassy, an elderly feline who is her only companion.

Some people would say, well, the cat has had a good run…..put her down. Don’t trouble yourself. Dying is inevitable. Let it be.

But in the face of this reality, Brenda chose life. And life is worth choosing.

I am content. Despite everything, all the many ills and problems, all the disasters, all the wrong choices, all the things that weren’t right — in the end, this is right.

If all parents could look back and say— “My child chose what is good, what matters most!” — then this would be a better world.

And not just life for an elderly cat, but life for all.

The Belle Cher family motto is “Loyale au Mort” — “Loyal unto Death”. And so they are. God bless them all.

I am proud and pleased with all my children, of every race, kind, and creed, who choose life and love. I truly don’t care what you look like, how rich or poor you are, what kind of pedigree you have or don’t have.

What I care about is that you love.

I will simply note this Mother’s Day, that my Brother-in-Law came through his by-pass surgery and that we look forward to his return to his family and his well-tended garden in Minnesota.

He has been a pillar of strength, endlessly hard-working, honest, generous and kind for all of us and for his community since November 1939. He came into the world in the worst of times and we pray that he can be here to celebrate far better times to come.


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