Shills, Shillings, and the King’s Shillings

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Ever wonder where the slang use of the word “Shill” came from, as in, “He’s a shill.” meaning that someone was acting in a dishonest capacity?

A couple hundred years ago, disguised King’s Officers haunted the pubs of England, Ireland, and Scotland. They would offer to buy rounds as people still sometimes do — only they would slip coins — British Shillings — into the bottom of the tankards. And when the victims got to the bottom of the glass they would find “the King’s Shilling”.

Immediately, they would be clapped in irons by waiting Marines and press-ganged into the King’s Navy using this excuse.

Well, obviously, this is insane, dishonest, and pseudo-legal chicanery. The acceptance of what was advertised as free beer does not logically add up to a pledge to serve without pay in the King’s Navy for a period of years — nonetheless, this is what this horrendous government did to its own people.

And despite worldwide sanctions against slavery and involuntary servitude and the outlawing of press-ganging, they are still doing it and they aren’t even content with preying upon their own people. Oh, no, they had to export it worldwide.

In America, they have conscripted our doctors using a false licensing process and forced them to act as “shills” — just like the purveyors of “free beer”. They are forced to register “berths” in the King’s Merchant Marine Service and “Social Security Accounts” for each new American baby born — giving rise to the thoroughly false legal presumption that they are “volunteering” to be and act in the capacity of British Subjects.

The same sneaky, dishonest, fraudulent claims have been made against Aussies and Canadians, Germans, and Japanese. People all around the world have suffered from the criminality. You’ve been press-ganged, and nothing substantive has changed except that they don’t offer as much as a shilling in return.

Please address your comments to:

British Embassy
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017

and, last, but not least —

The above link is the Interpol address to report crime, especially international crime.

What we wish to report is essentially Human Trafficking on paper, designed to create an opportunity for unlawful conversion of assets and falsification of public records so as to deprive people of their natural political status and national affiliations– which is a war crime under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, and results in involuntary public servitude under color of law and process of undisclosed adhesion contracts.

This has been going on for 150 years right under their noses. So we would all like an explanation of this circumstance and some accountability for the deplorable incompetence that the politicians, police, military, and members of the Bar Associations have displayed.

And if they start making any “shifty” noises, smile and inform them that you are discharging your duty to report and combat crime by bringing it to the attention of the proper authorities.

Thank you, very much, etc., etc., etc….


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