Whoa, Wonder Ann! The Truth v. The Mirror

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

The Colonies gave rise to the Republics — such as The Texas Republic (land) and The Republic of Texas (sea). These are two different organizations operating in two different jurisdictions. Later, provision was made (The Northwest Ordinance) by which Territories instead of Colonies could give rise to State Republics.

The Republics then gave rise to the States (land) and States of States (sea). These are also two different things operating in two different jurisdictions.

The Texas Republic gives rise to Texas, which is a member of The United States of America, which is a Federation of States.

The Republic of Texas gives rise to The State of Texas. which is a member of the States of America, which is a Confederacy of States of States.

These — the Federation of States and the Confederacy of States of States — are also two different things operating in two different jurisdictions.

The Federal Government was created to exercise the Delegated Powers. That is all it is supposed to do. The three Constitutions adopted 1787, 1789, and 1790 establish a National Level Government to exercise the Delegated Powers, and a Territorial Government to manage the affairs of the Territories, and a Municipal Government to oversee the District of Columbia /Washington, DC.

Please note that The State of Texas that existed prior to the so-called Civil War was the only “State of State” associated with Texas.

After the Civil War, the British-backed Territorial United States created “states of states” for itself and forced everyone to adopt new “constitutions” — that is, debt for services agreements — with them. These Territorial States of States were never a part of our mandated government structure. They do business as “the State of Texas” for example. Like cuckoo birds, they substituted themselves for the National Level States of States, like The State of Texas that we are owed, but thanks to the similar names deceit, nobody caught the substitution.

So the Territorial United States which was only supposed to manage the affairs of actual Territories created its own “State of State” franchises and foisted those off instead of the National-Level States of State that we are owed. That is, the Territorial entity doing business as “the State of Texas” was substituted for the National entity doing business as “The State of Texas”.

What happened to the original entity — The State of Texas? It was rolled over into a land trust doing business as “the Texas State” and managed by “the [Territorial]
State of Texas” pending “reconstruction” of The State of Texas — which of course, never occurred.

When we forgot or never knew and never caught on to this fraud, the Municipal United States got into the act and created its own “states of states” doing business as the STATE OF TEXAS.

All this shameless and totally unauthorized usurpation and false presumption against our lawfully mandated government at all levels has been carried out against us by our own employees under the influence of foreign powers — the British Monarch and British Crown in the case of the Territorial United States and the Popes and the Vatican in the case of the Municipal United States.

So where is our seat of power? Far removed from anything to do with the Federal Government. which was never designed to be or do anything but exercise our delegated powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea.

The Delegation of Power goes like this:

Colonies and Territories
Give Rise to State Republics—The Texas Republic/Republic of Texas
Give Rise to States — Texas and States of States — The State of Texas

The States form a Federation doing business as The United States of America.
The States of States form a Confederacy doing business as the States of America.

And that is where it was supposed to end. There were not supposed to be Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES.

Instead, Territorial States of States doing business as, for example, the State of Texas, were formed and foisted off on us as substitutes for The State of Texas.
A new “federation” of these Territorial States of States was also formed, doing business as “the United States of America” —- which Trump is President of.

This structure “mirrors” the structure of government we are owed and the deceptively similar names help conceal the fraud and usurpation.

Correction of this situation requires us to stir our stumps and assemble ourselves as non-citizen nationals and operate our actual States to restore and — 150 years after the fact — finish the “reconstruction” of our actual National-Level States of States—- The State of Texas, The State of Wisconsin, and so on.

This requires everyone to set up their County and State Jural Assemblies — precisely what the Michigan General Jural Assembly is teaching everyone to do.

So please, don’t get confused or sidetracked. Giving the Territorial United States any excuse or provocation to attack will get innocent people killed.


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