Judge Jeanine Pirro

Fox News anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro, citing the decision by President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and establish the U.S. Embassy there, is comparing the president to the biblical King Cyrus.

Cyrus, a Persian king, founded the Achaemenid Empire, conquered Babylon and made history by allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild their Temple.

The prophet Isaiah wrote of him as an “anointed one.”

Pirro, on her weekend show, said, “Donald Trump recognized history, he like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the God worshiped by Jews, Christians and, yes, Muslims, that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and that the Jewish people finally deserve a righteous, free and sovereign Israel.”

A celebration marking the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem was held Monday.

Newsweek reported Pirro was in Jerusalem for the events.

“The Fox News host praised Trump for the move, claiming it proves he is more trustworthy than past presidents, including Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. All three presidents had signed waivers to delay the embassy move,” the report said.

“Trump has assured the world that his word is worth more than any former U.S. president,” Pirro said. “His word is more than any treaty and stronger than any U.N. resolution.”

WND reported in February that Israel’s Sanhedrin decided to honor Trump by putting his image on a privately minted half-shekel coin alongside an image of Cyrus.

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz reported at Breaking Israel News the nascent Sanhedrin and the Mikdash (Temple) Educational Center are creating a replica of the silver half-shekel coin that the Bible mandates be donated by every Jewish male in the Temple.

Trump’s accomplishments have prompted an online Thank Trump Card Campaign giving Americans a way to thank the president for his record of achievement during his first year in office.

Berkowitz quoted Exodus 30:15, which states, “The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less, than the half shekel, when they give the offering of Hasehm, to make atonement for your souls.”

Rabbi Hillel Weiss described Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as “a great and historical deed.”

According to a proposed image presented on a website dedicated to raising money for the construction of a temple and more, the coin will feature an image of Trump on the front and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on the back.

Also on the front will be an image of the ancient Persian King Cyrus, who was key to the construction of the Second Temple, BIN reported.

WND Founder Joseph Farah raised the idea of Trump’s likeness to King Cyrus last year.

It was when Michael Freund, an American-Israeli political activist, pleaded with Trump to follow in the footsteps of Cyrus the Great by fulfilling his campaign promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

“As a Christian friend of Israel, I wholeheartedly support Freund’s case, as made in the Jewish Press,” he wrote.

“Freund made the important point that one of Trump’s first acts in office ‘was slated to be no less than a milestone event in modern Jewish history, a deed that his predecessors had the courage to promise but not to pursue.’”

Freund recalled that Trump, in a March 2016 in an address to the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, had promised “on day one” to move the embassy to “the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.”

Congress adopted a law in 1995 requiring the American embassy be located in Jerusalem, but since then successive presidents all waived the requirement.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also has likened Trump to Cyrus.

“I want to tell you that the Jewish people have a long memory, so we remember the proclamation of the great King Cyrus the Great — Persian King,” Netanyahu told Trump at the White House. “Twenty-five hundred years ago, he proclaimed that the Jewish exiles in Babylon can come back and rebuild our temple in Jerusalem.

“And we remember how a few weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr. President, this will be remembered by our people through the ages.”

Adam Elihayu Berkowitz also reported at Breaking Israel News that Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a member of the Knesset and an activist for the Temple Mount, said those who fail to see “the proclamation of the word of God and the word of the prophecies and the Book of Ezra, a repetition of Cyrus, the King of Persia, should buy himself a new pair of glasses.”

He was presented with one of the fundraising coins and began reading from the Bible, inserting references to President Trump.

Berkowitz reported Glick was “so overcome with emotion that he began to recite from the Bible.”

“But the verses he recited, describing the president’s activities, don’t really exist. The rabbi’s recitation was intended to graphically illustrate how the political events surrounding the U.S. Embassy move and the president’s actions bear a striking resemblance to King Cyrus’ actions in the days of Ezra the Scribe and the Second Temple,” he reported.

Under the headline “Rabbi Yehudah Glick reads Trump into the Bible” is a video with Glick reading: “Now in the first year of Trump, president of the United States of America, that the word of the Lord, by the mouth of our prophets, 70 years after the state of Israel, the Lord stirred up the spirit of Trump, president of the United States, that he made a proclamation throughout all of his kingdom, and put it in writing, saying, thus says Trump, president of the United States of America, The Lord God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the United States of America, and he has charged me to build him an Embassy in Jerusalem which is in Judah.”

Berkowitz reported Glick’s recitation came after he was presented with a coin bearing the images of Trump and Cyrus.

BIN has posted a video of Glick’s statement.

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin, told BIN, “There is no question that the comparison between Cyrus and Trump, two non-Jewish leaders, is apt.”

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