Is the Ring of Fire Waking Up?

There is something going on with regard to volcanic activity. It seems that many volcanos are awakening and that fault lines are on the move. Some think this is a precursor to an ice age. This is something that I am actively investigating at this point. Regardless of the threat of an impending ice age, the planet is facing a real threat with regard to seismic activity and related volcanic activity. Let’s begin with Hawaii.

A Lot Worse Than We Thought

There are projections that show 1,000-foot waves hitting the west coast of the United States. In the interest of not risking the over-inflation of the threat, I chose this conservative, threat-assessment video because it is among the most conservative in terms of demonstrating the potential threat posed by the Hawaiian volcano. The following video shows a physics-based computer simulation of a Kilauea Flank Collapse landslide and Mega Tsunami. Local wave heights exceed 300 meters. Such events happen in Hawaii about every 200,000 years and as volatile as the situation is, these events remain in the realm of possibility. Projections like 200,000 years, mean nothing if you are sitting on year 200,000.

In this scenario, all of the Hawaiian Islands are potentially at risk as well as most sea traffic in the Pacific.

Mexico City Could Be Next

In a later article, I am going to explore the notion of a 19.5 latitude threat, a type of ring of fire, that exists on every planetary body. For now, and what we do know is that a similar pattern to 1985 is emerging. This was the year that a horrific earthquake flattened a large portion of Mexico City.

The Kilauea volcano threat is not a singular event and cannot be considered in isolation. Recently, a 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck the Philippines, This should serve as a wake-up call for the entire ring of fire.

After dozens of recent earthquakes, this activity is spreading along the ring of fire. In light of the Philippines and Hawaii, many fear the  “ring of fire” is activating and both Mexico City and California should be concerned. Fortunately, for the Philippines. no Tsunami was detected.

According to The Express UK, the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes are more explosive than the ones located in the island state of Hawaii. With the Hawaii volcanic experience, experts are now warning that California could be facing devastation and this could be the much anticipated “big one”.

 Geological Evidence Heightens Concerns About California Volcanic Activity

The California Volcano Observatory (CVO) states that “7 of the state’s 19 volcanoes are at high threat, with a three of those at very high risk of imminent eruption”.  The CVO further stated that these California volcanoes posed a greater threat than Hawaiian volcanoes because they are blast volcanoes, which are more destructive.

Some geologists are saying that the Hayward Bay fault line, which runs through the densely populated San Francisco Bay Area in California is more dangerous than the San Andres

Dr. Brian Hausback, a US geologist, told CBS: “If one of these volcanoes decides to erupt, it will catch the world’s attention. These areas have high populations, infrastructure like power plants, and high level of air traffic in the area,…very likely that one of them will erupt in the near future, it is due.”


 There is something that is going on with regard to volcanic activity, even away from the legendary ring of fire. Yellowstone is beginning to emit warning signs. I am still compiling data and will likely be updating this article in the near future.
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