The Long and the Short of It — Part 2

  Judge Anna von Reitz

All you currently active duty and reserve and retired United States Marines out there– what was it you were shouting every day of your Marine training?

Was it, “I am an American!” — or was it, “I am a United States Citizen!”?

All you United States Army guys — which one are you?

This same question applies to the Air Force, the Navy, even the Coast Guard.

The answer determines whether you are an American and an honorable member of the American Armed Forces or you are acting in the capacity of a filthy commercial mercenary — albeit, not getting the big bucks of merc wages.

Did anyone ever tell you that when you signed up to enter military service you were enrolled as a mercenary in the employment of commercial corporations
and given a share in the profits via a stock portfolio? No?

No doubt this is coming as Big News, but yes, the rats set you up with a stock portfolio they were supposed to give to you when you left military service. The catch is that so far as their records show, you never left their jurisdiction.

This is another example of the criminality infesting every aspect of the “government” corporations — your DD214 is not a discharge from “US citizenship”. So you are still snagged.

You have to go back to the head of your branch of service and serve Notice that you have returned to your birthright political status as an American State Citizen. Otherwise, they just presume that you are a “Lifer” and still obligated to bow, scrape, and salute. And they just keep your stock portfolio and manage it “for” you until you die, at which point they claim it as “abandoned property”.

And you thought you were serving your country all the while you were serving the “US CORP”. Nobody told you any different, either. Until now.

So fire up your writing instruments and re-convey your Trade Names to the land and soil of the state where you were born (, Article #928, Editable pdfs) and give Notice that you left “US Citizenship” behind effective the date of “Discharge” noted on your DD214 and you are owed a stock portfolio and/or income therefrom earned while unwittingly employed as a commercial mercenary.

Direct the Service Branch Office to update your political status records and forward your claim to the Office of Military Settlements. That should put a bulwark in the retirement resources of a lot of American veterans. And when you get a chance, say, thank you, to the True God. The rats didn’t intend for it to be any actual benefit to you. They just wanted to stand around and say, “Gee, look at all these accounts nobody ever collected. What a bunch of patriotic guys!”


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