Hey, Fake Lawyer Larry! – The Definition of a Bar Attorney Is…..

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

This is really too good.

From the same “British Merchant Marine Service Manuel” published in 1801 that yielded the definition (finally) of “Withholding Agent” as a Warrant Officer in the British Merchant Marine Service comes this gem:

A Bar Attorney is a Shipping Clerk in the British Merchant Marine Service.

A Shipping Clerk. That’s what Larry Becraft is.

Oh, my…… and the numbers on their Bar Cards? Those are shipping ticket numbers. That’s how they tag cargo and get credited for their work.

It makes perfect sense, too.

They are shipping our “vessels” and “cargo” all right— as inland pirates and smugglers illegally de-camped on our shores and operating under conditions of fraud and color of law.

They’re not lawyers. They never were lawyers.

They spent all that money going to “law” school, and all they learned how to do was process claims for the British Merchant Marine Service.

No wonder they are so blissfully ignorant of anything and everything concerning actual law—definitions, jurisdictions, legal research all goes right over their heads for a reason, folks.

The only question left is — why are these cretins here doing what they are doing?

And thanks to some older patriot friends from Colorado, we are ready to definitively answer that question, too. Keep tuned, Campers!

I don’t believe in calling people names or defaming their character when I disagree with them or when they are simply ignorant and making false assumptions, but after having Larry Becraft calling me a “Fake Judge” all this while, I thought it was only fair turn-around to expose what he is —- and isn’t.


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