Follow-Up on Affidavits

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

Yesterday, I reported on exactly how these cretins endeavored to render us helpless and voiceless — first by unlawfully converting our life estate into public estate trusts — and then, as no incorporated entity can make an affidavit, disabling us in the realm of commercial law.

Overnight there has been a flurry of inquiries — help, help, how can we deal with this?

Re-convert your estates. Do what I have been thumping on everyone to do. Re-Convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of your native state.

Here is a SHORT list of advantages.

1.You step outside the box they’ve put you in and reappear as their Employer, owed good faith service, and all the guarantees of the Constitution(s).
2.The “United States” you are owed can no longer be “presumed” to be the Territorial United States and must be interpreted as the actual United States.
3. You can no longer be presumed to be subject to statutory law.
4. So long as you object, you can no longer be presumed to be subject to licensing, property taxes, federal income taxes, etc.
5. Instead of being “interpreted” as a bankrupt debtor, you have to be interpreted as the Priority Creditor.
6. Your Good Name and assets have to be held out of the “general bankruptcy” and pushed to the head of the receiving line of creditors.
7. You become eligible to receive back your estate free and clear of debt or encumbrance, including your land set free of mortgages.
8. You have control of your affairs, including your bank accounts, the pensions you are owed, and all the other assets public and private that you are owed.
9. Instead of being able to pillage and plunder your ESTATE, the vermin are obligated to protect you and come to your aid.
10. You become eligible to receive back income from public lease of state property and escrows set up in your NAME(S).
11. You have to be interpreted by the commercial courts as the operator of a VESSEL engaged in private international trade — and as such, you are enabled to give an affidavit and it must be heard.
12. You are enabled to sue in your own interest absent any middleman acting as public administrator of your ESTATE.
13. You will not be considered chattel owned by foreign creditors of the Territorial United States.

There are still mountains to climb and irritations to be borne. You will have to re-educate your Public Servants. You will have to kick many Shipping Clerks out of the way. Most importantly, you will need to join your State Jural Assembly and consider serving — as I already am — in one of the many vacated public offices.

You will have to re-educate yourself, because those who benefited from this Evil System failed to do the job for you. Most of what you have been taught about your history and your government and how things work in general is pure poppycock. Much of what you assume to be true is not as it seems and in many instances, diametrically the opposite of what you suppose to be true.

The Three Branches of the Federal Government are National, Territorial, and Municipal — not Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

And that’s just a start.


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