Carpet Bagger Courts – Part 1

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Remember when I exposed the fact that Carpet Bagger Courts were established in the South following the so-called Civil War?

In May of 1865, the Territorial United States Congress created ten new military district courts in the South, and placed them under the command of Brigadier Generals who were charged with appointing civilian judges— judges loyal to the North, whose main job was to plunder and pillage whatever was left in the South, and to suppress any remaining rebels to ensure the public peace….

So what happened to those courts?

These military district courts are still with us today and still being deliberately confused with Territorial District Courts that have been improperly ensconced on our soil, too.

Remember the discussion about different entities all being called “United States” and the confusions that result?

There is the original entity dba The United States established by The Unanimous Declaration of Independence. Then, there is the federal United States dba the United States that is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers enumerated by the 1787 Constitution— but thanks to the “Civil War”— isn’t.

Remember that our National-level States of States dba The State of Georgia, The State of Ohio, The State of Wisconsin, et alia, were all moth-balled and their assets converted into trusts dba Georgia State, Ohio State, Wisconsin State…. and Territorial States of State dba the State of Georgia, the State of Ohio, the State of Wisconsin slipped into place like cuckoo birds stealing a nest.

So the actual federal “United States” that is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers has been “held in abeyance” all these years “pending Reconstruction” that was never completed because — basically — nobody was told what was going on and nobody knew that this all-important work remained to be done.

Which was just fine with the British Territorial Usurpers.

Remember also that Lincoln bankrupted the original federal United States in 1863, so that in 1865 when all this funny business was going on with the establishment of Military District Courts, this was being done by the British-controlled Territorial United States Congress in receivership.

Read that– bankruptcy trustees chosen by foreign creditors were running the show and organizing everything so as to expedite collection of debts owed by the federal United States.

These Military District Courts were set up as “debt collection centers” — not courts.

The federal United States organization provided by the States of America organized under The Articles of Confederation had two distinct capacities described by Dan Meador as “(1) general authority is exercised in the framework of constitutionally delegated powers, and (2) special, limited power is exercised under the territorial clause.”

Congress was obliged to abandon the general powers of Article 1 during the Civil War and has continued to operate under the “special, limited powers” ever since.

There is no other possible delegation of power for them to operate under because the actual National-level States of States haven’t been restored and the federal United States organization has not been reconstructed.

Now back to the courts and the situation created by the Territorial status of the federal government and the creation by the Territorial United States Congress of the “Military Districts” and the Military District Court System in 1865 for the express purpose of collecting debts (pillaging) and suppressing rebellion:

This whole situation has given rise to two (2) distinct UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS, in addition to The District Courts of the United States.

The original United States formed as a result of The Unanimous Declaration of Independence has never been bankrupted and its courts called The District Courts of the United States have never ceased to function. It’s only the federal United States which is supposed to be exercising the delegated powers, that is Missing in Action.

So the living people — if they retain their status as living people — have access to The District Courts of the United States, but if they are “rolled” by the Territorial Usurpers, they can only access one of the two UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT venues.

And they are: UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (Territorial United States District) and UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (Military District).

We know that both these COURTS are still functioning because we have found the evidence of them in Department of the Army Manuals and JAG publications as recently as 2015, fully admitting the responsibility of the military for the operations of these Civil War-Era Military District Courts.

So how can you tell which “UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT” is which?

The infamous gold-fringed flag is the only public notice that you are in a private Carpet Bagger Military District COURT.

This gold-fringed flag is called the “National Colors” and is
decorative only. This is your only warning that you have entered the twilight zone of international “waters” and false identities and courts operated as debt collection centers.


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