The Biggest Back-Fire in History

  Judge Anna von Reitz

THEY, the Territorial United States, planned to vacate the Constitutions — all three of them.

THEY had already moth-balled and usurped upon and taken over the duties of the Federal United States 150 years ago, so that was no problem. With a little finagling and a lot of unauthorized spending, they figured they could bankrupt both their own corporations and the Municipal United States corporations, too.

Just run up a giant debt, let the corporations acting as providers of “essential government services” — Article IV — go bankrupt, so as to sever any connection to the actual constitutional agreements, and off-load all their corporate debts onto the unwitting backs of the American People.

Then, they planned to boot up a new corporation, call it something deceptive and sexy like THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, charter it in a foreign country like France so nobody would catch on, and then sneak right back in the back door and establish themselves as the Successor to the service contracts they vacated, by a process of assumption.

We’d assume that they were our own dear Federal Government, because we’d assumed that twice before. Why wouldn’t we go for the sop a third time?

Because we woke up and said, “No thanks.”

Hey, they are the ones who usurped upon the actual Federal United States, rendering it inoperative back in 1868. They are the ones who spent themselves into oblivion and bankruptcy. We are totally innocent Third Parties.

It’s all, one hundred percent, their own fault that they don’t have a contract.

It’s also their fault that all those juicy “delegated powers” reverted back to the Grantor of those delegated powers, The United States of America (Unincorporated).

They disabled the actual Federal United States via mercenary “war”, fraud, breach of trust and deceit. They disabled the Territorial United States via bankruptcy. They disabled the Municipal United States via bankruptcy. All three. They vacated all three Constitutions at one time and haven’t got a leg left to stand on.

What’s even more problematic are all the legal entanglements.

Now that we are back on the land and standing in our sovereign capacity and operating our sovereign government, all the many Peace Treaties and Friendship Treaties apply. The Chief Perpetrators responsible for this mess, the Holy See, the British Crown, the British Monarch, the French Government and the British Crown (Westminster) are all obligated to come to our aid.

They can’t make war against us — not even surreptitious mercenary war — because they are bound by Law and Treaty to provide us with “perpetual friendship and amity”—and in the case of the British Monarch, obligated to act as our Trustee and Protector on the “High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways” which includes the province of both Maritime and Admiralty Law.

And if they did make war against us, everyone on the planet would know that they were criminals.

The Chinese and Russians have never liked Britain, for good reason, but they have reason to like the actual Americans. Our egalitarian philosophy of life and government is far more compatible with their own views. We also have a somewhat distant but honorable history as honest people who mind our own business and pay our debts.

And wouldn’t that be a relief for the whole world? Actual Americans at the helm of the actual United States instead of Euro-Scum pretending to “represent” us?

The Russians and the Chinese and in fact all the people on this planet have more than adequate reason to support us against our run amok and misdirected Hired Help.

Not only has the Territorial United States left itself without a contract and without delegated powers, but it has spent the last hundred years telling everyone who would listen that they are a “democracy”.

A democracy only functions by majority rule. It requires a mandate — 51% of all eligible voters — to take a legal action. And the government of the Territorial United States hasn’t had a mandate for anything it has done in decades, if ever.

So between the fraud and breach of trust they employed in their in-house take over, which is all crime that has no statute of limitations, and their utter lack of a mandate even within their own self-proclaimed democracy, and their already observed lack of contract and delegated power, they are well and truly up a creek without a paddle.

What they intended for others has come home to roost upon them.

And it couldn’t happen to a nicer, more deserving group of people.

That is, of course, said in irony. They have in fact been ruthless pirates and scourges, who have pillaged and plundered the people at home and neighbors abroad, and then proposed to blame their victims. The sanctimonious fraud artists are finally exposed for what they are. And cut off at the knees.

The United States of America (Unincorporated) has summoned the actual States to assemble, and they are doing so. The Territorial United States is trying every petty little trick in their book to interfere and discredit and gainsay the effort, but it isn’t working. The American People are waking up.

They are admitting to themselves just how abused they have been, how the fruit of their labor has been siphoned away, how they have been mistreated by police ostensibly hired to protect them, how they have been frightened in their own homes by un-elected agencies, how the quality of their lives and the value of their money has suffered along with their reputation in the rest of the world. Most of all, they are sick of constant, unending, perpetual war, war, war.

It’s time for peace and it is time for all sentient Americans to join the ranks of those standing on the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual United States. It’s time for them to overcome the lies that have been told to them and about them, and for everyone concerned to fully recognize the fact that the Territorial United States and its Government no longer “represents” us.

We have, even according to their description of the circumstance, returned home and resumed the operation of our lawful government.

Mr. Trump needs to take our offer to occupy the lawful Office of the President of The United States of America and join with us to finally, for real, drain the swamp and address the fraud and usurpation at the root of it.


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