(by Jaro)
Here’s what happened to our dejure Republic. Basically, there was a “HARD FORK”. What is a hard fork? It happens a lot in crypto currencies. Cryptos such as Bitcoin run on a BLOCKCHAIN. That is basically an accounting ledger which contains ALL the transactions that ever happened, so the accounting is always up to date. It’s a lot like a bank accounting which has all the accounts and all the transactions regarding those accounts, except blockchain is PUBLIC, while bank accounting is private.

Now to the HARD FORK. Since the blockchain is PUBLIC, anyone can use it to start their own crypto currency. I.e. they can COPY IT, RENAME IT and run it as a different crypto currency. Now, why would they do that? Because that way they can SNATCH all the previous owners of the crypto and get them to USE their NEW crypto currency.

And usually they don’t just copy the old crypto, they also IMPROVE IT somehow. For example, when a group of people created a FORK from Bitcoin last year, and created Bitcoin CASH, they CHANGED THE RULES slightly to allow for larger blocks and faster processing of transactions. And the way they have gotten an INSTANT ACCEPTANCE by a lot of people, was that they GAVE FREE BITCOIN CASH coins to people who owned Bitcoin. I.e. if you owned one Bitcoin, they gave you one Bitcoin Cash for free. If you had two BTC, they gave you two BCH for free, etc.

And they could give out the free BCH coins because it didn’t cost them anything to create those. And once people have gotten those free BCH coins, they started trading them and established a price for them. At the time Bitcoin was about $3000, and Bitcoin Cash started trading at about $300. So if you had one bitcoin, you’ve gotten one BCH for free, which you could sell for $300.  I.e. free money. Now bitcoin is about $8k and bitcoin cash is around $1,100.

So that’s a HARD FORK. You use a public blockchain of one crypto, to FORK (like a fork in a road) to create a NEW crypto. Now, here’s the important part. The new crypto, such as BCH runs under the OLD rules of Bitcoin, UNLESS they were replaced by the NEW RULES created at the fork.

And this is also how our Republic was replaced by a corporate Democracy. It was a “HARD FORK”. I.e. the Republic was hard-forked into Democracy, by using the rules of the Republic as a BASIS. So the US Constitution was like a Bitcoin blockchain, and at the point of the hard fork, the new rules of the Democracy became like Bitcoin Cash blockchain, and so now supersede the rules/laws of the Republic.

So how did they convert Citizens of the Republic into citizens of Democracy? Simple. By the 14th Amendment and the use of BIRTH CERTIFICATES. 14th Am. citizenship is a corporate, FEDERAL citizenship, while organic, dejure citizenship is a STATE citizenship.

So when people sign up for a Birth Certificate, they are ABANDONING State citizenship of a Republic, and signing up for a federal citizenship of a corporate Democracy. And in that Democracy, STATUTES AND CODES are the LAW, i.e. they SUPERSEDE any old laws of the Republic, just as the rules of Bitcoin Cash supersede any rules of Bitcoin, WHEN you use BCH. Which is, for example, why today courts IGNORE the old laws and court decisions, talking about a right to travel; those old “rules” of the republic were replaced by new rules of Democracy, which REQUIRE everyone to have a Driver License to use motor vehicles.

So the switch (hard fork) from the Republic to the current corporate Democracy, began with the 14th Amendment, and was implemented via BIRTH CERTIFICATES. So it was, and still is, a CHOICE, although there’s a lot of pressure on you to sign up for it for your kid, especially if you are a 14th Am. federal citizen.

And this is also why the “authorities” today don’t recognize claims of State citizenship. That existed in the Republic but doesn’t exist in the current Democracy. Now, as a 14th Am. citizen, you CAN’T CLAIM State citizenship, since those two are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. 14th Am. US citizenship is a citizenship of a Democracy, while State Citizenship is a citizenship of a Republic. And the laws of a Democracy are DIFFERENT from the laws of the Republic, so you CAN’T be BOTH.

So where the “HARD FORK” to corporate democracy is actually implemented, is AT THE HOSPITALS, GETTING PARENT(S) TO SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE. So if there ever was a group intended on restoring the Republic, THAT would be the POINT of ATTACK they’d best concentrate on.

Oh, and the “HARD FORK” to Democracy was further implemented by the SECOND State Constitutions. I.e. the FIRST State Constitution is of the REPUBLIC, while the SECOND State Constitution is of the Democracy. And these created two DIFFERENT political bodies; one is a Republic, the other is a Democracy. In Cali, the first one (1849) was created by the PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA, while the second one (1879) was created by the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

Now both of these two constitutions operate over the SAME AREA (within the boundaries of California), but are two different political bodies. Under the first one, you gotta be a citizen of California or of another State of the Union in order to have political power, under the second one, political power requires 14th Am. US Citizenship AND State residency.

Of course, as a person protected by the first State Constitution (a State Citizen), you should still be able to exercise political power, although you may not be able to register to vote. But you may have to sue the State for denial of your rights so that they would have to either give you an exemption to register to vote or give you some kind of State Citizen ID which would allow you to vote in elections.

BTW, these rules of naturalization show you the two different citizenships in USA, and the State’s authority over State Citizens:

naturalization1899b (1)


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