All Gov’t Officials are “Private Contractors” an Oldie But Goodie — Rod Class Forever!

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

I am re-posting the following Article below . . .

. . . from Daily Paul 2012 in its entirety because one of my readers tried to access it and couldn’t — like so many other key pieces of information (unless you save hard copies and to your own hard drives) — it has “disappeared”.  Now you can see why.  

These Administrative Rulings are, in my opinion, one of the greatest steps forward, up, and out, of the gross Breach of Trust and criminal mis-administration this entire country has suffered— ever.  When you say your prayers at night, remember to add — “and thank you for Rod Class…..bless him and protect him and all those who are helping him….”  
If you remember who you really are — take the steps necessary to re-establish your Trade Name on the land and soil of your native state of the Union without delay. 
(, Article #928, Editable pdfs) 
and then go join your State Jural Assemblies.  Go to the Michigan General Jural Assembly and also check out   People create States and without you, your State of the Union doesn’t exist.   Get moving now! 



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