“Fear of God: The Ultimate Mind Control” by Ron Giles

Western religions follow the Bible. In some form or another, most of these religions teach their followers to, “fear God.” It may be by sermon, it may be a philosophy, it may be a subtle way we accept that we are not as good as we want to be and are therefore not worthy. It all equates to fear. Does it make sense to preach love for Jesus while teaching fear of Jesus’ Father, God? The gospel of Jesus Christ is Love. This is the hallmark of his special teachings and life – not destructive fear that robs self-dignity.

The Old Testament is a compilation of historical writings that attempt to give insight into the way these old families worshiped their God of vengeance and punishment. These old families continually had to be brought back into compliance, and consequently, their prophets and teachers used God’s punishment as a way to keep their followers in line.

Moses had the herculean responsibility to take a nation of slaves, the Children of Israel, out of bondage and into a newness of life in a promised land where they had free agency.

The children didn’t do well when they refused to go up on the Mountain and speak to God face to face for themselves. They told Moses, we are not going up on that mountain of lightning and fires, you go up there and have God tell you what he wants us to do and we will obey your teachings. Their punishment was the Law of Moses – a law of performances and ordinances, that dictated what they were supposed to do in every area of their lives. IE: if your child disobeys, take him to the elders and they will take him out of town and stone him to death. Wow! Sick! The fear of God stood at the base of their refusal to ascend the mountain after which they were given Moses, to be their prophet. This is referred to in the New Testament as the “Law and the Prophets.” Jesus fulfilled the Law and the Prophets with the New Covenant of Love.

The “Law and the Prophets” was supposed to point to the Messiah and was given as Spiritual preparation for them to receive the New Covenant of Love. This new Covenant would then give them the responsibility as well as the capacity to purify their lives and receive the “Comforter” which is the Holy Spirit.

The Real Comforter is the Feminine Power of God and represents our Mother God. The Children mistakenly thought that the Messiah was going to save them from the Romans oppression and rule. But Jesus came to give them the New Covenant of Love, not to save them from the Romans. A covenant is a two-way promise, and when you accept (agree with) this New Covenant the promise is that you will receive the Baptism of Fire and the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, to purify your life for the purposes of ascension. That precept was lost in the Bible, as the Bible teachings dance around it but never explain it.

Jesus; or more correctly named, Yeshua Ben Joseph, or son of Joseph, was not a military ruler or warrior, but rather a teacher of Love. As a “Nazarene”, the name of a religious movement at that time, Jesus taught against the Patriarchal system of the Jews and taught that Woman were equal to men in all things and were not to be relegated to any lesser position in society. Jesus went against many Jewish traditions and ways as adherents to the Law of Moses, but none of these perceived offenses received more negative attention for Jesus and His followers than raising the status of women in society. Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ wife, preached and taught right by His side and gave the women a whole new outlook on life. It is the pattern of Heaven and a salient point of Jesus’ teachings. They crucified him for this one main point of doctrine he preached. It is powerful today as well. Move over men, the women are taking their rightful position right beside us as equals.

As the Roman rulers saw the changes in the followers of Jesus they could see that these Christians would die for their religion rather than forsaking it, so the Romans made Christianity the State religion and it became the Holy Roman Catholic Church. It was for control of the slaves rather than the worship of God.

There is power in the Love that Jesus taught so the Church of Rome had to create a way to defuse or neutralize this power. So they began the Patriarchal structure again, and inserted the Priesthood between God and man, creating their own version of the Bible that we have today. It is only a remnant, a bare-bones structure that has become void of the real power of Love that Jesus taught.

To further diminish the power of God’s love, preachers read the old testament and realized that, like the children of Israel, their parishioners could be controlled by teaching, “Fear of God,” and the punishment of Hell, Fire, and Damnation. The principle of Free Agency does not support the concept of Hell, Fire, and Damnation. By using this more childish approach to control, they taught that one would receive punishment if you did not conform to their version of what the Bible teaches. Force, dominion, and control instead of Love….it keeps people under their control while taking away the power of Love from amongst them. If people are never taught real love then they can go to church on Sunday, get their warm fix, and go back home thinking they have done their duty for the week. Things are now changing and the real Love that we are is surfacing and calling to our hearts to respond to the higher call of service to each other.

These Cabal types, also found that deep Mind Control could be used on the whole of society with these religious teaching tactics. The real black magic for these Satanists is in the continuous pounding of the slaves as being unworthy citizens and are therefore guilty of being sinners. Guilt is the lowest and perhaps the most successful form of controlling large populations. Couple that with creating lack amongst us with a class-based society of “haves and the have-nots,” and it’s hard not to succumb to this lethargy of discontent. Just do your job and keep the peace and keep wishing you had more, that is supposed to be our lot in life. It became a slave mentality that will be hard for us to break as we put on the Mantle of a Sovereign Being.

In your day to day life, watch out and observe how Fear is in our face all the time, and watch how we are taught to surrender to higher authority, even to God, as a pattern to live our lives, and also see how the weapon of guilt is preached to us to keep us in line. We even feel guilt by ourselves when we disobey without being caught. We are taught to be guilty of a lot of things outside of our control, even for what our parents may have done. This is how the sins of the parents are visited on the children to the fourth generation and will continue until we stop believing in this destructive force of Guilt. Guilt is the sin, not things we have done or not done.

We have been conditioned in so many areas and facets of our lives that it will require our greatest effort to break loose from the chains we are fettered to. Our job is to break free and position ourselves to be the greatest generation this world has ever seen and known. It is within our grasp, it is in our hearts, and it will be our legacy of Love.

In Love and Light

Ron Giles

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