Masters of Deceit

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

In response to Snopes and others in the business of deceit — including deceit about who and what “Snopes” is — a liberal California couple from Sacramento who want to tell everyone else what to think and how to think it — for their own profit. This includes Bob Hurt’s attempts to discredit me and my information and the attempts of other trolls and moles to discredit Rod Class and Deborah Tavares.

Rod is behind — as in not caught up — with me in some areas, but, he is ahead of us in some areas of investigation, too, and he has taken on some of the toughest interfaces to investigate. Who else do you know who has taken the issue of gun rights down the throat of the Municipal Government? Hmm? I admire him for that and for his dogged strength and determination to get to the bottom of the particular “piles” he has chosen to work on. I need about a million others just like him taking up their part of the work and chewing on their part of the Elephant in the Middle of the Room.

Remember always that these people we are dealing with specialize in telling half-truths and misrepresentations and distractions. They have bags of tricks that they use to discredit people and confuse issues. They are professionals at this — some could even be called “artists of deception”. They come along behind people like me and Rod and Deborah and William Cooper and Jean Keating and they do everything possible to discredit what we are saying because when the American people wake up and start really looking into the dark corners — their whole hegemony and gravy train will come to a screeching halt. There’s a good movie about this called “The Masters of Deceit” and although it focuses more on product campaigns and lobbyist activities, it shows you how these vermin operate.

They have something to GAIN by trying to discredit people like me and Rod and Deborah, but what do we have to gain by telling you what we have dug out of public records and earned by hard experience? Nothing at all. We may be wrong or right about our interpretations, but the point that we’ve found it in the public record or experienced it directly, should be a clue to the rest of humanity that yes, indeed, something is wrong and not only in Denmark.

When I first started this, people wanted me to “prove” everything to them, but I am not so green and foolish as all that. Nobody ever proves anything to anyone else. People have to be curious enough to look and learn for themselves and in effect, use their own reasoning and the things that they directly see and observe for themselves before they know the truth and therefore own the truth and prove it to themselves. So keep an open mind and open ears and keep your Shinola Sensors turned on “High” and sift and winnow everything to discern the truth for yourself. I think that when you do, you will realize that a lot of what you are hearing that initially sounds “far fetched” or “incredible” will fall neatly into a pattern verified by history and public records that can’t be denied.


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