Who Rules the World?

  Judge Anna von Reitz


The more important and interesting question is why?

Cats own everything they see. It is theirs. If they don’t like something, they change it. If they can’t change it, they leave it behind.

They never lack a direction. They always form a prompt and knowing opinion.

They are willing to fight and put up one helluva scrap. They do this without regard for their size nor the odds of success.

They would rather win, but don’t care if they lose.

If the same offense occurs, they will fight again. And again.

Cats have self-respect that never leaves them.

Cats keep the peace — within reason.

They share their catch — within reason.

Cats know how to be alone and they aren’t afraid of the dark.

All these characteristics add up to sovereign power that is as natural as the air they breathe. People can accept their sovereignty or not.

It’s all the same to the cat.

And that, in the final analysis, is why cats rule the world.


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