Again, “Tim White” With Egg All Over His Face– And More, 2.0….

judge2banna-1   Anna von Reitz

Another completely fallacious screed from “Tim White”. This time accusing me of being responsible for April LeJeune’s TDA “packages” and supposedly profiting from them.

There is just one problem with that theory. I published multiple articles over the past several months on my website explaining to everyone that I don’t know April LeJeune from Eve and have never reviewed her package and don’t receive any money from her or her organization. Period.

I have also explained my own stance on TDA’s. TDA’s are set up so that people who want to buy products from and conduct other business with the IMF dba United States Treasury can do so using an account — just like any other bank.

Is it appropriate for me to have an account to transact business with the IMF? If I have deposits with them (like a Birth Certificate) it makes sense that I would have such an account, but then, I would also have to be a United States Citizen if I proposed to use that deposit in that way.

Those who have removed their accounts to private status via the process I outlined would have no deposit left in the IMF’s clutches and no reason to open a TDA account, other than possibly buying US Savings Bonds or other such instruments which can be bought over the counter from any bank.

Just as with Bruce Doucette, I tried to explain the jurisdictional issues to April in the one phone call I had with her about this and about her reported use of some of my materials. Unlike Bruce, she seemed to get what I was telling her about the demarcation between citizen and non-citizen— but who knows?

Bottom line — TDA’s are for federal citizens, not Joe Average.

They have relief from bankruptcy and we have relief via probate of our estates.

Two different populations, two different pathways, two different solutions.

If anyone stops to think about this for five minutes — you can’t be dead and alive at the same time. You can’t be receiving relief as a bankrupt and claiming to be a creditor in the same bankruptcy. You can’t be a State if you are a State of State. You can’t be your own Attorney in Fact while acting under a Power of Attorney as a Personal Representative of YOU. There is no way to be in the room and out of the room at the same time.

Bruce Doucette couldn’t act for a Grand Jury in Spain and expect the Orders of that Grand Jury to be carried out in Ireland.

April LeJeune can’t return people to the land and soil of their nativity, if they are determined to keep acting in the capacity of British Merchant Mariners.

Everyone is different and everyone has to figure out what their own situation is. Federal employees and dependents are obviously United States Citizens. So are all the State of State franchise employees and Municipal Employees. They all owe Federal Income Tax, they all live here as “residents”, they all have business to conduct with the IMF aka “United States Treasury” and they may very well benefit from a TDA account.

The rest of us can buy US Savings Bonds and similar products without going through all that.

As for “Tim White” — and anyone else who needs the facts, I already published an article some time ago and posted it on my website titled bluntly “I Don’t Know April LeJeune”.

Anna von Reitz


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