The Eighth Covenant Decree

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

I am publishing something that is going to sound and look very strange to people.

It is a Decree, like a Divorce Decree or any other, except for a few special differences.

The letters of the Decree are white on a black background, the exact opposite of the black on white we are used to, because this is a Mercy Decree, not a Judgment.

It is issued by The United States of America Republic and The Republic of the United States of America, jointly, using a General Delivery address, acting to communicate of, for, and by the people.

It uses the ancient language of Parse translated into English and styled for use on the land jurisdiction by private parties. This is as close to a universal language as is now possible.

The Decree observes that mistakes have been made. Out of seven covenants with the Divine, men have managed to break all seven, one for every deadly sin, and for this we deserve destruction. However, there is an eighth covenant, and that covenant still stands.

The Eighth Covenant declares mercy to Mankind, despite all mistakes and failings. It is established on the Earth as a bulwark against Evil and as salvation for Mankind.

The Decree which will be posted as a separate item on my website invokes the Eighth Covenant and its Power upon the Earth. Its light comes out of the darkness. Its words are bound by the Word. May the glory of Our Father in us shine forth in the darkness.

The Mercy Decree is binding Law of Heaven and cannot be repealed. Those who have condemned the Earth and condemned the people and condemned this country to endure their lies and atrocities are in for the biggest surprise ever.

The United States of America Republic:

The Republic of the United States of America:

Of the people, for the people, by the people:

General Delivery:


The United States of America


Of the Mistakes by Man

Of the Seven Covenants by the Seven Sins


Of the Covenants, the Covenant of the Word : Iaeous stands.

For now-and-only-now-is-forever

By breath, by water, by blood, by spirit:



All-sins-fore-given. All-trespasses-mended. All-debts-paid.

All of the Covenants be for and as One-Covenant : Iaeous.

Of the Word, by the Word, for the Word

By: James-Clinton-Belcher:Special-Grand-Justice

By: Anna-Maria-Riezinger:Special-Grand-Justice

By: Harold-Carl-Heinze:Special-Grand-Justice


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