Islamic Group Sabotages Canadian Beaches, Threatens Further Actions

    The Revolutionary Islamic Force boobytrapped a number of beaches across Canada, and threatened to continue their attacks if the Canadian government doesn’t ’embrace’ Islam.

In recent years, Muslim extremists across the globe have turned to various means to harm those with whom they disagree. They’ve used everything from illegally-purchased or imported firearms to rental vans and trucks to explosives, in order to maim or kill civilians who happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Now, in Canada, a nation that has continuously bowed to Islamist demands, the ‘Revolutionary Islamic Force’ has claimed responsibility for booby-trapping the shores of lakes north of Toronto. They did this using materials that are so simple to attain that there is literally no way to prevent this kind of assault. Their actions forced a beach closure, and they threatened a series of additional attacks.

If they are upset because of Western culture, perhaps they could just go back to the awful country that spawned them.

The ‘RIF’ sent a letter to a local Toronto-area newspaper, and claimed that they had booby-trapped these beaches with jagged pieces of broken glass, broken bottles with the shards facing upwards, needles, and even with nails.

The group announced that this was just the beginning, and that they planned to place more similar traps at beaches and shore fronts throughout Canada.

In the letter, they noted that this was their response to the nation’s refusal to embrace Islam and the fact that they followed the ‘Great Satan,’ the United States of America.

The letter also described Canadian women as ‘prostitutes,’ and that they allowed their women to walk on the beaches “naked and disgraceful.” It also contained a number of threats against a variety of targets.

The RIF threatened to destroy tourist sites, attack people, attack trains, poison drinking water, and even to set fires in forests, unless the Canadian government and its people ‘embraced Islam’ and reformed the government so it followed the ‘dictates’ of Muhammad.

Obviously, Canada’s decades-long history of kowtowing to the demands of Islamicists, including writing laws that penalize those who speak ill of the religion and its beliefs and teachings, has done little to nothing to protect the country from the ire of extremists.

This latest action taken by Islamic extremists certainly seems to be on the ‘tamer’ side of actions from the same group of people who have used pressure cookers and trucks to cause mayhem in nations across the world. However, that does not make it any less diabolical and cruel.

No one goes on a lovely trip to the beach or the shores of the local lake thinking that they need to be worried about what some angry third-world assailant has done to the area. They go to the beach hoping that they can enjoy a day laying out in the sun, watching their children play, swimming a bit, maybe sitting on a float in the water while smoking a cigar or enjoying a cold beverage.

Glass, nails, and other items these hating-Islamists used can create puncture wounds, which can be serious. They’re not serious due to the threat of bleeding to death or anything like that, but puncture wounds are susceptible to infection. They’re also extremely susceptible to tetanus, which is a horrific affliction.

Perhaps most worrying about their booby-trapping, though, is the use of needles. There’s no way to tell if these needles have been used or not, and that introduces a wholly new threat.

Their threats of further action are also extremely troubling, especially the idea that they might poison the water supply. What is Justin Trudeau likely to do about the threats?

Frankly, little to nothing. He’s shown, time and again, his willingness to ignore the dangers that nations around the world face by allowing in ‘immigrants’ from the third world without careful vetting.

In 2017, Trudeau promised to welcome nearly a million immigrants into the country over the next three years.

Even as Europe suffered nearly constant attacks due to their ‘immigrant’ populations, as well as increases in violent crime and sexual crimes, he remained steadfast in his desire to import people to Canada from the third world.

Toronto police are still investigating the ‘attacks,’ and they’re working to clear the beaches of glass and other boobytraps, but they are still unsure as to the identity of the individuals who placed the glass and other sharp objects on the beach in the first place.

The problems that Canada and Europe are experiencing at the hands of Islamic extremists they invited into their countries should serve as a warning to the rest of the world, and particularly the United States, that immigrants need to be carefully vetted. Otherwise, the beaches around America could face the same fate.


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