“NESARA is the Real Deal, Part 2” – by Carden

As mentioned previously, the Founding Fathers designed the Constitution after traveling to far points of the globe gathering the very best guiding principles/laws in every land. That the bounty of this land support its people was one such principle wholeheartedly adopted. One example is Alaska, which while being one of our 52 “States” operates under its own constitution (and taken from our original constitution). Annually Alaska shares its profits with nationals. It’s a small amount, yes but the principle is the thing. We’ve been shafted. Caught the short end of the stick. Had the wool pulled over our eyes. You get the picture. It’s been business as usual.

We’ve learned all about the Treasury Direct Accounts and the theft of our name/future earnings. So not only our heritage but our future is leveraged and usurped. The PUBLIC launch of NESARA is the landmark we can grab ahold of that effectively illustrates immediate correction.

The “National Economic and Security Reformation Act”, is the freedom/validation of our National status and necessary. NESARA is the compensation for a lifetime of theft. NESARA is the true signal alarm that corruption in our government is truly resolved and finally corrected. It tells us that ALL of the illegal and harmful laws piled on over the years are null and void, right along with the illegal debt.

NO amount of money via “The Exchange” is as important to me, personally, as NESARA, which demonstrates our country as the best and brightest shining Republic with Freedom and Transparency as standards, and living without the Corruption of political obfuscation. Without NESARA being enacted and clearly demonstrated we can know that it is the same ole cabal in charge.

It is that important.

I’m standing on NESARA.

We stand together, back to back.

Big hugs for One and All.


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