In a book entitled “The Ark of the Covenant,” Jonathan Gray from Australia tells how skeptical he was at first of Ron Wyatt’s claimed archaeological discoveries in the Holy Land.  However, upon investigating further, he developed a profound appreciation for Wyatt’s work. INLAND ADVENTURER  The Ark of the Covenant March 2005, Pg. 20.  

Gray related the following:

In 1982 a young Arab boy (pseudoname of ‘James’ to protect his identity) crawled with Wyatt through a vast system of caves and tunnels underneath Golgotha and the Temple Mount. James came upon a tiny opening of a chamber and crawled into it.  Then — frantically — he came tumbling back out shaking and shouting, “What’s in there?  I’m not going back in there!”  Wyatt saw in his eyes sheer, complete and utter terror, yet James said he had seen nothing?  Whatever he experienced was real, for he left not only that chamber, but the entire cave system, never to return! 

“James” reaction sparked a hesitant excitement in Wyatt.  He would never have given that chamber another look if not for “James” terror. 


Now alone in this vast cave system, Wyatt took his hammer and chisel, enlarged the hole and began crawling through.  Shining his flashlight down through the massive pile of large rocks, his eye caught a glimpse of something shiny.  Animal skins were covering a gold-veneered table with a raised moulding around the side which consisted of an alternating pattern of a bell and pomegranate.  It only took him a moment to realize that — at the least — this WAS an object from the first temple in Jerusalem!

Wyatt discovered many more items that had been missing for millennia from Solomon’s temple, including the famous Ark of the Covenant, which houses the Ten Commandments!

Wyatt discovered a crack in the ceiling where a black, dry substance had fallen at some time in the distant past.  It had splashed onto a stone case where he was standing.  By now, he was aware the Ark of the Covenant was in that stone case. 


And a most overwhelming realization hit him suddenly when it became apparent to him that it was the blood of Jesus Christ that had dropped from a 20-foot thick crack in the stone ceiling above him, a crack created by the earthquake which happened at the moment of Christ’s crucifixion thousands of years ago — blood had actually fallen from the site where Christ had been crucified on the Cross, directly onto the stone case housing the Mercy Seat!!

The rectangular hole was the socket that held Jesus’ cross!  Two other similar holes held the crosses of the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus.  When the full realization of the incredible significance, the awesomeness magnitude of what had just happened dawned on Wyatt, he fainted!!  Wyatt later provided evidence to the authorities that he had indeed found items from the original temple.  

Geneticists were able to prove the rehydrated blood samples taken from the crack in the ceiling below the Crucifixion site were actually those of Jesus Christ, and it also *proved the virgin birth, genetically! [Ed., When the Israeli geneticists finally asked whose blood sample it was, Ron Wyatt, with tears in his eyes replied, “Your Messiah.”]  

Jonathan Gray adds the words of the prophecy that God’s “..Holy One would not see corruption,” which explains why the blood samples could be rehydrated.

Counting of the chromosome under an electron microscope (which was video taped) showed that the cells had only 24 chromosomes, 23 X-chromosomes from the woman, and one Y-chromosome.  The usual number of chromosomes is 46, 23 X-chromosomes from the woman and 23 X or Y-chromosomes from the man.  This condition is extremely rare, if present at all in other than this blood.

An article entitled, The boy whose blood has no father published by David Bonthron and his colleagues at Edinburgh University in Nature Genetics (Vol. 11, p 164) talked about a 3-year old boy whose white blood cells had only X chromosomes, normally a signal for a female (a skin sample showed normal chromosome counts).  Normally haploidy individuals cannot survive (as opposed to duploidy, having two sets of chromosomes).  At least one Y-chromosome is required to trigger the production of a male. 


Excerpt from an email I received earlier this morning.  Bob, who has a prophetic gift, was just given this exciting word from the Lord below on 05-24-18.   ………..   

Bob –  “In preparing to read The Word this morning (at 02:40), without a forethought, The Father spoke and said, “The glory and power of The Ark Of The Covenant will soon be revealed to the world!!  It has been found and kept safe and secure unto this day and time.  All of the utensils and articles for service have been secured and kept for this time… [That is] My Timing!  Angels have kept and guarded The Ark Of The Covenant, each of the utensils, and articles for Temple Service!! Soon the world will know…I Am That I Am…and There Is No Other But Me…FOR I AM GOD!!!  Preparations have been made…Are you prepared?  Is the world ready and prepared for My coming?! For in a day and hour that you do not even consider My Coming —- I tell you…I Will Come!  Be ready!!!  Be prepared!!!”

Prior to receiving this prophetic word, Bob did not know of the ‘Indiana Jones-type’ Christian explorer, Mr. Ron Wyatt, nor his famous archaeological discoveries in the Holy Land which included not only the path of the Israelis through the Red Sea and the accompanying treasure trove of broken chariot parts, wheels, iron axles, etc., but most interestingly the Ark of the Covenant. Bob’s prophetic word from the Lord, given this past Thursday, verifies what Ron Wyatt saw many decades ago that God says will be revealed to the world soon.  What fascinating times we are living in! 

Another prayer warrior and world travelers for the Lord, Henry Gruver, spoke about this with Ron Wyatt!  It’s true. Two Angels are guarding the place!  There is a videotape as well in the place with the Ark of the covenant.  The two angels that greeted Ron Wyatt made the video and they said it would be revealed to the world at the time of the end.  The DNA of the blood on the Mercy seat is the blood of Jesus.  No other blood on the planet exists like it. Believer Ron Wyatt found it, apparently, directly under Golgotha (Calvary!) years ago; behind the East Jerusalem Bus Station.  He took [dried] blood samples and then closed his tunneling entrance back up.

Bob had never heard of Ron Wyatt or Henry Gruver, or anything about Wyatt’s geological expeditions. Ron took the blood sample to Israeli geneticists who rehydrated the blood sample of Jesus Christ which *proved His virgin birth genetically!  The Bible prophesied that God’s “Holy One would not see corruption,” which explains why the blood samples could be rehydrated.

An article written by the late Dr. Byron W. Ross, PhD., from a Ridgecrest, California newspaper, ‘Inland Inspiration,’ is included below.  It gives a brief synopsis of events leading up to this amazing discovery which adds verification to this latest prophetic word.

Byron W. Ross, PhD.

Extract From Article Published:  The Inland Adventurer  March 2005,  Pg. 20

A number of people have asked the question, “Why not send some Levites in to get the Ark?”  Per a section of the Ron’s sons’ Zedekiah cave video (4:43-6:35) (and alluded to in Ron’s Zedekiah cave video part 7), they mention an incident in which the Israeli government sent 6 supposed Levites into the tunnel system (via Zedekiah’s cave) towards the Ark.  All 6 were struck dead!  Ron had to fly to Israel to assist with removing the bodies from the cave. 

Question to the debunkers:  WHY would the Lord God/Jesus Christ allow Ron Wyatt to discover, view, take pictures of and publish his findings and still live to tell about it WHEN ALL OTHERS were killed on the spot never to reveal anything (other than little ‘James’ crawling out of the cave scared to death and refusing to go back in!). The Lord has allowed ONLY Wyatt to have this privilege and the entire world refuses to believe and receive the evidence, in particular that Wyatt was the ONLY one to live to tell about it when even Israelis were killed on the spot for daring to enter the cave where the Ark was without the permission of the Lord!!!  The people of this planet to this day, for the most part, refuse to accept Jesus as the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind who will receive Him – to their own peril – and the praise the Lord for what He has finally allowed to be revealed to confirm His Divinity.  Sad. No doubt there will be all manner of negative ‘comments’ about this article as well. So be it. They don’t have to be published. Only those who respect the Father and His Son may be published. I, for one, will NOT participate in blasphemy against the Father and His Son.

 Danny and Ronnie Wyatt
Zedekiah’s Cave  Israel
Talking about the door leading to the Ark
and a little about their father’s character 
May 21 2008
 Ron in Zedekiah’s Cave Pt 7
God has permitted Ron to behold and report what He will not allow others to do or see.  The Ark is very sacred and still holy, set apart and protected.  Woe be to those who try to mess around with it, who are not commissioned by God to do so.  Amen!  Come, Lord Jesus! —


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