The Pot Always Calls The Kettle Black

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Another way of saying this in the old-style vernacular is: “The skunk always smells its own hole first.”

When we hear and see people making wild accusations, like Kim Goguen alias “Virgo Triad”, we should stop and THINK—-(1) who is this person? (2) what do they have to gain?

In the first case, I have told you who “Virgo Triad” is — a well-known scam artist who doesn’t dare write her screed under her own name.

In the second case, she tried to steal money from the Navajo and other tribes despite the fact that they are already among the poorest people in America. I stopped her. She’s mad.

So she’s spreading all these lies, hoping that she will be able to get around me next time. And that isn’t going to happen, either.

My attitude is that the truth will always out and the cows will always come home.

As she brings false witness against me, false witness will come against her. As she twists information to try to give lies credibility, the same will be done to her.

I did not make these choices for her.

Meantime, I think it is useful for you to observe one of the chief rules of all propagandists — whatever you are guilty of, accuse your opponent of it.


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