“Virgo Triad” is Just Another Name for Kim Goguen

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

And Kim Goguen is just another name for “Kim Possible”.

And she is just a front for a group of hackers from MIT who thought they saw a ripe opportunity to steal from the thieves who have pretended to be our own dear government. Stealing from the thieves made sense to them, but they couldn’t make the next logic hump that that also ultimately meant stealing from us— the American states and people.

Uh-duh. Once more — capture by pirates does not change ownership.

I have made sure that she won’t be able to do any more such damage. So now all the venom and fangs are out.

It won’t do her any good.

I am not Catholic and I am not involved in any of the things she says. I am not under arrest, subject to any warrant, nor in any trouble whatsoever. And I am still an American land jurisdiction Justice of the Peace in Alaska— and she isn’t.

It is written that we reap what we sow. She has sown selfishness and greed and deceit and lies and let’s face it, what do you get back when you sow beans and radishes and carrots and peas?

All the lies and ill-will she directs toward me is coming back to her, just as surely as grass grows. All the suffering she caused to innocent people? That, too, is inevitably on a return trip.

And as for me? I have planted truth and goodwill and abundance for all people. That crop will also inevitably come to its fruition. Hopefully, sooner than later.


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