Definitions Related to Civil Death —

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

From the 1870 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary: the ONLY Law Dictionary approved by the U.S. Congress…

CHARTA: “A charter or deed in writing. Any signal or token by which an estate WAS held.”

Please note— when a living being “elects” to be “enfranchised” as a franchise of a parent corporation and receives a “charter”, such a one becomes “civilly dead”. This is what the rats have endeavored to do by falsifying the public records and claiming that every baby in America is a [Territorial] United States Citizen dba “citizen of the United States”.

DEED: “The written evidence of things done between MAN and MAN.”

IN FULL LIFE: “Neither physically nor civilly DEAD.”

IN ESSE: “In being. In existence.”

CIVILITER MORTUUS: “ Civilly DEAD. In a state of civil DEATH. The condition of ONE who has lost his civil rights and is accounted DEAD in law.”

CIVIL DEATH: “That change of state of a person which is considered in the law as equivalent to DEATH.”

This is why the vermin pretend they can’t hear you. Just imagine the judges putting their hands over their ears and saying, “I can’t hear you! You’re dead! Waaah!”

And then know for a fact, that the Queen, Elizabeth II, has described your given Christian Name in the form: John Mark Doe — as a “disregarded entity”. This is because “he” was declared civilly dead and discharged in the settlement of the bankruptcy of the Territorial corporation dba the “United States of America” Inc.

DEATH: “The cessation of LIFE. The ceasing to exist.”

Henceforth: “Ye must be born again…”: John 3 KJV.

This is not a reference, necessarily, to taking a new name, because a name is just a material possession your parents gave to you for your use, in the same sense someone might give you a shovel. No, this is far more than just taking a new name or retaining an old one.

This is a matter of taking back your lawful “in full life” standing as a Living Being, a Living Soul clothed in a physical body, and apart from worldly definitions which seek to redefine you so as to control and profit from you.



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