The Rest of the Story

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

We woke up and began operating The United States of America [Unincorporated] several years ago. We realized that a great conspiracy, an overwhelming profit-driven fraud scheme, was engulfing the world.

Of course, we had dim recollections of our family history and souvenirs and letters and things of that nature passed down verbally and hand to hand. We knew that the Belchers came to Boston in 1609 and helped build Old South Church. We knew they were lawyers and neighbors to John Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts, almost two centuries later. We knew about Colonial Governor Jonathan Belcher. We knew about the role of Colonel William Belcher. And any fool can look at the Great Seals — both The Great Seal of The United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States — and literally see that they are part of the Belle Cher Array.

We also knew that our direct progenitors had been threatened with death by President Theodore Roosevelt and forced to flee for their lives from West Virginia to the far Northwest. We knew that they suffered a huge loss of land and private assets as a result. We knew that Uncle Clintwood never rested another day of his life and slept with two guns in his hands, crossed and ready under his pillow.

We knew that our own grandfathers and fathers were men of power and dread carrying secrets so dark and dangerous that they never spoke of them, until they were on their own deathbeds. We knew that there were caches of Confederate gold in Texas, still waiting to be returned to a future lawful government.

What we didn’t know by 1998 — nearly a hundred years after Theodore Roosevelt sent the whole family packing — was that we were among the very few to be taught the actual structure of the American Government, and that we would ultimately be responsible for operating The United States of America [Unincorporated].

On the way here we discovered the Birth Certificate/Annuities fraud. We struggled to find the lawful ways and means to overcome the falsification of the public records. We slaved and labored along with many, many others to discover and preserve the telltale records and decode the Federal Code and peel away the many layers of deceit and confusion. And all the while, we kept a watchful eye on everything the Usurpers were doing.

Every step of the way we published and reported and recorded and registered our objections and claims against the Interlopers, so that there is no possible way for anyone to claim that we don’t have standing or don’t have a public as well as private interest in all assets naturally belonging to the States and the People of this country which over-stands any claim by any territorial or municipal entity—- and more to the point, any creditor of any such entity.

We have also researched and established and presented our ancestry going back before the “Civil War” which proves that we were “grandfathered in” to the constitutional contracts and are owed all the guarantees and protections, rights and prerogatives— as are millions upon millions of other Americans. As many of you who have been following along already know, we made the effort to locate men who are similarly qualified to stand up and claim back the public and private assets of every State and State of State.

Right now, we and a relatively few others are standing in the gap, like firmly wedged door-stops, preventing the secondary creditors of the Territorial United States and Municipal United States from doing their worst. Right now, we are operating the only lawful sovereign government still standing in international jurisdiction. And right now, every American reading this needs to come forward as we have, claim back your birthright, and join the effort to fully restore your rightful government.

There are substantial benefits to be realized by doing so — practical and material benefits; but far beyond those considerations, there is the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are in control of your life and how your government operates. Many Americans have been living in fear of their public servants, and even their own military and law enforcement personnel. Nearly everyone has been harassed at one time or another by the “Internal Revenue Service”.

Imagine how it will feel to breathe deep again and be truly free again?

That alone is worth every effort we can make to cast off the shackles of false debt and deceit.

As things stand, the vermin have outsmarted themselves at last. They rendered the Federal United States incompetent when they moth-balled and replaced the National-Level States of States back in 1868. They bankrupted both the Municipal and the Territorial Governments, seeking to finally vacate the constitutional agreements.

As a result, as a pure Operation of Law, all the Delegated Powers once granted to them have returned to the Grantor, The United States of America [Unincorporated]. Also, as a pure Operation of Law, the guilty parties have been denied any contract by Assumption or Succession, and the process of recouping American assets has begun. In the Eleventh Hour, our credit is hitting the books.

For these reasons and many more, it’s time to come home and do your part to make America great again, to make America American again, and to accept the small price of making the effort to self-govern again. Assemble your Counties and States first, then bring together your National-Level States of States to fulfill their intended role and restore the Federal United States.

It’s important that everyone involved understand that this is not about “us versus them”. We are not seeking vengeance against federal employees, for example. Most of these people haven’t had a clue that they were doing anything wrong. They didn’t know that our government has been operated on three cylinders by foreigners for six generations. And neither did we.

It has taken an extreme amount of volunteer effort to get where we are today.

Let’s all have a moment of silent gratitude for the much-maligned and ridiculed and abused patriots who persevered in the face of lies and Breach of Trust and violence to ferret out the truth in spite of every suffering and obstacle.

To Bill Benson who died miserably and alone and in prison for the “sin” of proving that the Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified. To Randy Weaver who lost his wife and children and home for the “sin” of exercising his guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. To LaVoy Finicum, ambushed and murdered by his own employees, for the “sin” of objecting to their mis-administration of his public resources and attempting to attend a public meeting. To the millions of Americans who have been harassed to pay taxes they never owed. To the millions more who have lost their homes for failure to pay mortgages they never owed, either. To all those who have suffered and bled.

And now, folks, let’s get on with the job to be done. Instead of Americans being evicted to pay for British Territorial debt, it’s more than past time for the British Raj to go home. Permanently. Let us proceed peacefully and honorably and in full view of the world community to restore our lawful government to its former glory.


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