Federation and Confederation

  Judge Anna von Reitz

We live in a world that functions via duality: positive and negative, male and female, light and dark, private and public.

This does not imply that a starry night is evil or that a sunny day is good, even though they occupy opposite ends of the spectrum in our perception.

There has been a considerable misunderstanding among White Hats and average folk concerning the Federation of States and the Confederation of States, and assumptions that people make about “Good” and “Bad” polarizing efforts that need to work in tandem.

The Federation of States needs to be assembled first, so that certain of its powers can be delegated to the Confederation of States needed to restore the Federal United States. It’s that simple.

It’s not that the Federation is good and the Confederation is bad or vice versa.

They are not in competition against each other. They depend upon each other for their mutual existence and rightful functioning.

That said, the Federation can and does exist with or without the Confederation.

The United States of America [Unincorporated] chartered, owns, and operates the States of America.

Maine owns The State of Maine in the same sense that Joe Blow owns Joe’s Autobody and Repair Shop.

Nobody assumes that Joe must be dead because Joe’s Autobody and Repair Shop goes bankrupt or is closed for remodeling or Joe goes on vacation.

It’s the same thing with The United States of America [Unincorporated]— it hasn’t ceased to exist simply because the confederated States of America entered reconstruction and stayed in that condition for 150 years.

Now that everyone is fully aware of and advised concerning the need for reconstruction of The States of States, it should be self-evident that the first necessary step is to assemble the Counties and the States that give rise to The States of States.

You have to assemble the Body Politic of Maine before Maine can act to restore The State of Maine.

You have to assemble the non-delegated powers before you can have delegated powers.

So that is why it is necessary to follow the lead of the Michigan General Jural Assembly and assemble your local Counties and States first. Fully restore the Federation of States and the non-delegated powers, and you are in a position to restore the Confederation of States to exercise the delegated powers.

Let’s take time to observe that although the Territorial United States Congress has been “setting aside” the Constitution and its guarantees every year for many, many years, such action only applies to the Territorial United States and its citizenry.

The rest of us who have never voluntarily and with full disclosure elected to function in the capacity of Territorial or Municipal United States citizens are free to invoke our birthright capacities and overcome any presumption of “civil death” attached to our Good Names by fraud and processes of legal presumption. We are owed our full life and in abundance.

Those of us who demonstrate that our ancestors were present here prior to the so-called “Civil War” are grandfathered into the guarantees, treaties, and protections owed to our Forefathers. And those promises must be kept.


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