Looks Like a Bank “Revision” on June 8

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Just became aware of an interesting recorded message issued by HSBC warning its customers that they will be doing an “upgrade” on the weekend of June 8, admitting that the records reflected on accounts may be incorrect for a time period of up to five (5) days, and advising depositors to keep track of their balances and records (presumably) thereof.

Things should be back to normal as of June 11, if recorded messages are to be believed.

This would be a good moment to remind your bank of your private entity status and to begin accessing your accounts and saving the balance inquiry stubs.

You know how glitchy computer records can be. One bad circuit and— poof!

So secure and keep your hard copies of your account balances, and it is probably a good idea to do so no matter which bank(s) you do business with.

We used to have “bank holidays”. Now we have “bank revisions”.

Let’s hope that what they really means is a “bank re-vision” so that banks are no longer in the business of mis-characterizing and defrauding customers.


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