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Important Point!

  Judge Anna von Reitz We are consumers of all the “services” of all these incorporated public-private “governmental service providers”. As consumers, we have a different role than to meekly obey and accept whatever they provide. . How would you … Continue reading

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The Latest Red Herring Argument

  Judge Anna von Reitz The scam artist’s goal is always to create some kind of confusion, and then to profit from it in some way. It could be to confuse your identity literally, so as to steal it. (No, … Continue reading

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Mary Baker Eddy – A Heart in Protest

A short documentary about Mary Baker Eddy – the Discoverer and Founder of the Christian Science religion. Born in the “LIVE FREE OR DIE” state of New Hampshire she learned about and prayed to God all of her life. In … Continue reading

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An Out-Of-Control Driver Crashed Into A Little League Baseball Game In Maine… Hero Dies

The Police say a woman drove onto a baseball field during a game, struck a man and left the scene. Witnesses say the man pushed kids out of the way before he was hit. . SANFORD (NEWS CENTER Maine) — A West … Continue reading

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What Does North Carolina Say?

  Judge Anna von Reitz You will all remember that Larry Becraft sent out a screed last week or so, in which he claimed that Rod Class was lying and that the issues in North Carolina never meant anything and … Continue reading

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Trump Unleashes Secret Life Extension Technology


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