Mary Baker Eddy – A Heart in Protest

A short documentary about Mary Baker Eddy – the Discoverer and Founder of the Christian Science religion.

Born in the “LIVE FREE OR DIE” state of New Hampshire she learned about and prayed to God all of her life. In what was then a ‘man’s world’ – she founded a religion, was a successful author and began a ‘world acclaimed’ newspaper! Much has been said about her, but the fact is, that she ‘walked the walked’, and taught those who wished to know what she had learned of God. Family, friends and foes caused her much misery – but she carried on until the end healing and teaching. Yes, she ‘HEALED’ many, and always for FREE!! A ‘true American’ in every sense of the word.

Politically, she said that she supported a ‘righteous government’.

Today, she surely would be appalled at what has happened to our country! She was easily a proponent for ‘individual rights’ – but not of the base and immoral kind. Her life is a remarkable one, and any honest person would have to agree.


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