What Does North Carolina Say?

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

You will all remember that Larry Becraft sent out a screed last week or so, in which he claimed that Rod Class was lying and that the issues in North Carolina never meant anything and were just ignorant dismissed cases that Rod Class pursued and then blew out of proportion. I disagreed and then Larry and his Boy Robin, Bob Hurt, jumped all over me, and tried to discredit me, too.

Larry even went so far as to try to put words in my mouth (a legal specialty) and present false information (for the second time) that I made arguments that in fact I never voiced at all, thereby setting up a false argument and premise for himself that he then proceeded to pursue as if it were real and as if it had anything to do with me and anything I ever thought or said.


Anyway, for all of those who have been confused by the lawyer crappola— here’s what North Carolina says, in Rod’s favorite phrase, black ink on white paper, and in my favorite phrase — from the horse’s mouth, via one of our researchers—quote:

You are right. North Carolina actually admits to all of this, in writing, in the following links. Pass this on to your followers as proof of the following written admission.






The important thing to realize is that we are surrounded by such “public-private” subcontractors as far as the eye can see. The “US POST OFFICE” is a subcontractor, not a public entity at all, the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA is a municipal subcontractor and vendor, the DMV is another private municipal subcontractor, and so on and on—- the US ARMY, NATO, FBI, FEMA, all these entities are not “public” and not part of our government. They are “service providers” under contract to other entities.

For example, both the FBI and the BLM are subsidiaries of THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC.

The American Bar Association and the Internal Revenue Service were both run for decades as subsidiaries of Northern Trust, Inc.

This is the fact that Larry doesn’t want you to know for some reason. He thinks that all these entities are legitimate public government offices when in fact they are private subcontractors merely in the business of providing governmental services. He tries his best to obfuscate the facts, even when the organizations themselves fully admit it and disclose it in their contracting and vendor bid processes, EINs, CAGE numbers, Dunn and Bradstreet listings, and all the other “proof” readily available that what we are dealing with “as” government is not in fact government.

And certainly not our government.



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