British — Not Russian — Meddling

  Judge Anna von Reitz

As most of you know, in my opinion, and experience, every dog pile on Earth rests solidly on a British-built Foundation:

South Africa? British.
Middle East? British.
Drug Trade? British.
Wars, Wars, Wars? All British.
Commodity Hoards? British.
Dishonest Banks? British.
Moth-balled Federal United States? British.
IRS? British.
Bar Associations? British.
Racial Caste Systems? British.
Human and Child Trafficking? British.
Sexual Perversions? British.
“American” Civil War? British made to look American.
Derivatives “Bubble”? British made to look German.
Territorial United States? British made to look American.
ISIS? British made to look Muslim.

You simply cannot underestimate the sheer criminality and destructive power of the British Raj. You can’t comprehend the audacity, mendacity, diabolical guile, and ferocious appetite of the British Crown Complex. And when it comes to meddling, nobody does it better.

That is not to say that they haven’t needed and had a great many collaborators all around the world, helping them out to help themselves to everyone else’s everything. They have been loyally assisted by friend and foe alike.

The lure of unlimited gain and perversion without fear of punishment is a powerful inducement for deluded, soulless people everywhere, so you find them in Bangkok and you find them in Baton Rouge, and you find them in Cairo, all ticking along like a well-oiled clock, smirking and nodding in a self-satisfied and superior way, flicking their little hand signals and grappling around looking for a secret handshake.

I take no pleasure in pointing the accusatory Flying Finger of Fate at the Brits. I understand how severe their own suffering has been at the hands of their government.

Fleet Street and Westminster and Parliament are Equal Opportunity Abusers. They will cheat and enslave their own people as fast or faster than anyone else, and you have to admit that where it comes to stealing land and private property, the value of labor, and the freedom to enjoy life, they have ruthlessly drained their Home Islands with the same vacuous lust that is their hallmark elsewhere.

So in this entire Circus surrounding the ridiculous, groundless, politically motivated “investigation” into President Trump and a purported Russian connection and Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election—-which has cost the American people enough to run the whole government — I didn’t have to think about it more than a nanosecond to know that, yes, the Brits were not only at the bottom of the investigation, but also most likely the ones meddling in our elections.

The Pot always calls The Kettle black in their world. Always. Predictably.

And here, drumroll…..a few miles outside of the Mainstream Media, but stalwartly reported just the same—– proof that it was the Brits, not the Russians, meddling in our elections:…/memo-president-trump-time-end-spe…

How about it, Mr. Trump? Shall we have an investigation into British Meddling — for the past 150 years?

As of this writing, the U.S. media has its knickers in a complete knot because of “Spygate,” the scandal evolving from the President of the United States exercising his constitutional powers to declassify secret intelligence documents bearing on the completely illegal investigation of his 2016…..
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