Mark Robinson Takes on Gun Rights:

judge2banna-1  Judge Anna von Reitz

Here is an absolutely wonderful rant on a subject that deserves a rant: gun rights owed to the law-abiding people everywhere. Watch and learn if you have any questions about reality and the Second Amendment:

And let me add my solution to the mix —- everyone who wants to disarm themselves after listening to this is certainly welcome to step right up and do so. Neither Mark Robinson nor I will prevent anyone from voluntarily turning in their guns to the nearest police station.

That said, the proven increase in crime that follows disarmament of a population has to be dealt with by — as Mark Robinson points out — police forces, and this increased reliance on police enforcement means more taxes. So there is a direct correlation between increased taxes and the refusal to do one’s duty to keep and bear arms and uphold enforcement of the Public Law.

As that is unarguably so, it is also only reasonable that those who abdicate the responsibility to defend themselves and others from criminals need to bear the burden of their choices by paying an Individual Disarmament Tax (IDT) to be assessed each year as a tax on a privilege — to not keep and bear arms.

What do you say to an extra $3,000 per year—each?


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