Just So Everyone Knows FOR Sure—

  Judge Anna von Reitz

An international plot was afoot to bring false claims against us and against our government, enabling the foreign plotters to essentially “inherit” America — our land, our labor, our assets — as the “presumed beneficiaries” and creditors of our estates.

In the same stroke, this would disinherit us. All of us.

They intended to lump Canada and “the US” as defined by them into one entity and operate it all as a puppet government under the oppression of the “UNITED KINGDOM, INC.”

That isn’t going to happen, but it is still a pitched battle.

I am fully lashed up and so is The Living Law Firm bringing forward our objections and our claims in behalf of the actual American States and People and the lawful government they are owed. We have zero time or resources now for anything else, and are in desperate need for funds.

People have to travel. People have to buy certified copies of public documents. People have to do all sorts of things that cost money in support of this effort, and until it is done and over, all the resources that are naturally ours and naturally meant to support our government are balled up in bankruptcies that actually have nothing to do with us.

All this has to be done by Mom and Pop using Cookie Jar Money. You, me, and the family dog have to pull together.

Above and beyond reporting and documenting the Gross Breach of Trust that has been perpetuated against us by the British and French Governments and to some extent by the United Nations and the UN Corporation, there is a very urgent process that has to be engaged if we are to fully restore our government.

These are the steps:

(1) Reclaim your Trade Name and return it to its natural permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born. Use the Deed of Re-Conveyance process described in Article 928, “Editable pdfs” on my website, www.annavonreitz.com to lay claim to your Good Name and Estate.

(2) Create and/or join your County and State Jural Assemblies. This assembling of the Body Politic of the actual States of the Union then allows for action to be taken in behalf of Maine, Alabama, Wisconsin, et alia.

(3) Once these members of the Federation of States are assembled, they can reconstruct the “missing” national-level Confederation of the States of States — The State of Maine, The State of Alabama, The State of Wisconsin — and renew the full and proper operation of the Federal United States.

(4) Meantime, the actual States that are members of the Federation of States can convene a Continental Congress and take care of long overdue business, such as the actual enrollment of the Western States as full Federation Members.

There is some general misunderstanding about this, with people thinking that because there is both a “Federation” of States and a “Confederation” of States of States that these have to be opposed or somehow in conflict. Not so. The States of States belong to the States as “doing business as” entities.

There is also some misunderstanding about the order of reconstruction activity, to the effect that the Confederation has to be restored before the Federation, but that isn’t possible. You have to have a Federation before you can establish a Confederation, and you will observe that in fact our Federation of States, The United States of America [Unincorporated] was established in 1776, and the original Confederation of States of America was formed five years later, in 1781.

By calling the States to Assemble, The United States of America –the unincorporated and sovereign government in charge of our shared international jurisdiction– is requiring a roll call to establish a quorum to do business.

Your participation in assembling your State is Ground Zero and this is the Eleventh Hour.

We don’t need huge numbers of people (though we would like that) who are qualified to speak for their States of the Union. A minimal quorum of thirty to thirty-five qualified Electors are desired, but in a pinch, even one qualified Elector can invoke the power of the entire State under The Last Man Standing Rule.

To be a qualified Elector of your State of the Union and of The United States of America (bear in mind, these rules have not changed since 1860 and can’t be changed until we convene a Continental Congress to change them) you need to: (1) be able to prove that you had ancestors who were here and either born on the land of a state or fully naturalized State Citizens prior to 1860; (2) that you are a landowner; (3) that you claim your birthright political status; (4) that you are at least 21 years of age; (5) that you are a free man — not indentured or enslaved — which was generally assumed for Caucasians; (6) and are male.

Our research indicates that contrary to what was believed initially, race was not the controlling issue prior to 1860 with regard to Elector status. Any man could always be an Elector, so long as he was not enslaved and not indentured. His status as a Free Man was the controlling issue. Women were never Electors though they could own land and other property. Until a legitimately formed and styled Continental Congress can make changes, these are the rules and we need to abide by them.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot or should not join your State Assembly if you aren’t able to act as a qualified Elector. The Electors need the support and insight and assistance of everyone else to do their jobs. Electors are Fiduciaries for their States and bear a great responsibility. The rest of us can help them by doing research, building the supporting organization, providing transportation and meeting spaces, even cleaning the toilets and fixing lunch. There are a myriad needs and tasks that need to be fulfilled and there’s nobody here but us chickens to do it all.

All those Federal and Federated State and incorporated County Employees that are ultimately on our payroll to provide us with “government services” operate in a totally different jurisdiction and literally can’t do any of our actual work of self-governance for us.

Our initial efforts to organize the States located a minimum of a few men in each of the pre- 1860 States sufficient to make the claim in behalf of the States. This supplements earlier work done to establish the continuity of the evidence of our lawful government from before 1860 to today by the Nation States project and numerous other efforts.

To get connected to the National Assembly effort send an email with your County and State as the subject line or visit and sign up for the State forums at https://national-assembly.net. Create a new topic in your state’s introductions section and introduce yourself. In no time you will be talking to people from your own state and hopefully, your own county.

In a pinch, you can contact contentmanager1@yahoo.com.

And for more help and information there is also a Thursday night teleconference call at nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time each week. The number is 1-712-770-4160 and the participant code is 226823#.

It’s important to be prompt and on the call at 9 P.M. because they take Roll Call at that time, and States that aren’t represented by living people get left out and are not part of the Quorum Count.

Recent events have resulted in all the Delegated Powers returning to The United States of America, which delegated them to the Federal United States in the first place.

This came about by Operation of Law. The Federal United States was secretively moth-balled after the Civil War and both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States entered bankruptcy, so all three levels of the Federal Government were vacated. All Delegated Powers automatically reverted to the Delegator of those Powers—-the land jurisdiction States doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated]. We have agreed to work with Mr. Trump in the interim on a quid pro quo basis, but have not accepted any assumption of contract.

More than 200 years have come and gone. A great many things have changed and others have stayed the same. We are faced with the urgent need to restructure, restore, reconstruct, revitalize and to some extent, redefine, our government. That process requires participation by those enabled by birth and free will to step forward and assume the responsibility.

If your country, your flag, your traditions, your home, your safety and that of your family means anything to you, then it is time to step to the plate, grab an oar, and shove.

Make the effort to correct your political status and then join and get your County and State Assembly up and moving as part of the National Assembly. And if you can, have some pity on me and the members of The Living Law Firm who have been in the field non-stop for decades, unpaid, working to protect and preserve our Ship of State from the international pirates who have so nearly succeeded in literally stealing America. The current circumstance is straining our resources to the utter limits and we need your help –in all respects– if we are to succeed.
Send cash donations via PayPal to: avannavon@gmail.com or via Snail Mail to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652. Send information — historical documents, government publications, case citations and other bits and pieces that you consider important to: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o 1336 Staubbach Circle, Anchorage, Alaska 99508.

My phone number, email, and other contact information remains the same, but please don’t ask me to take any time or do any work above and beyond what I am already doing right now. I am aware of the many terrible and improper actions of the various court organizations in this country and the criminality of many corrupted institutions which give rise to illegal foreclosures, human trafficking, false tax claims, chemtrails and so much more.

All I can tell you is that millions of people are in the same boat, and that the best way to address all these many problems is by restoring your own lawful government. If we fail to do that, there will be no way to stop the rest of it. So, get your ducks in order and firm up your resolve. Be assured that I am here doing my part and I am depending on you all to do yours.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT, ACCEPTANCE, AND DEED OF RE-CONVEYANCE  recorded by David E. Robinson, June 6, 2018, in Cumberland County, Maine



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