German National Assembly, since Nov. 2014

Hey, USA :) 
We, the people from the German national assembly want to inform you, that we are at work for a change in Germany.

We know about the things like NWO (New World Order )!
We know who is leading this planet (Vatican)!
We know about all important connections about Washington DC, City of London, Skull and Bones, lodges, organizations and so on.
We know that the Germany/BRD you know, is a US-Holding.
We are the people who want to free our country. We are on the way to build a German state with the international law.
We started in 2014, we make decrees, we built a constitution we never had before. We know our rights.
We inform with our media/radio platform ddbRadio/ddbNews 2.000.000 people till today. Any in the USA, too.
10.000 people are inside the German National Assembly.

We are looking for like-minded comrades-in-arms worldwide.
We can give you many links if you want more information, if it is allowed.

greetings from Germany

press spokesman of the German national assembly 1/11/2014 

okay, here we go. For all people worldwide.

Some links for reading, what we’ve done till today. We will start with alliance earth!

our view for the future of all countries in this world.
We say that’s the NEW UNO. Please read the world situation first!
We translate this part in many languages, English, French, Spanish, Russian, are done, you can select your language.

So we need help with Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Japanese.
Maybe, anyone of you can help us, to fill up this website with these missing languages, please contact us.

and now, start to begin reading > copy and paste

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