Open Letter Reply From Frank O’Colliins

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I received back an open letter from Frank O’Collins and I am posting it for the benefit of my readers — as usual, he teaches so gracefully as he goes. For those just getting caught up on the story, Frank is one of the Great Men in the struggle for the liberation of mankind. His life’s work — a vast accomplishment of scholarship — was hijacked by members of the old Genoan and Pisan Illuminati crime families who have attempted to use and corrupt it in ways never intended. This, then, has necessitated a mighty struggle, to which he refers in this letter:


Thank you for your open letter (June 14, 2018), for your perseverance and above all for your courage in pursuit of the truth. As you and many of your readers know – such a path is not for the faint-hearted.

I wish to apologize to you and to all of your readers who may have felt my absence was in any way a reflection of abandoning them, or intentionally restricting important research information. I also deeply regret any hurt or anger some may feel when I have politely declined to endorse dangerous or reckless acts that serve no ultimate benefit to genuinely raising knowledge and competence – instead merely fulfill deep seated desires for revenge or ego.

A “Law” is a proper and authentic Rule that describes, prohibits or permits certain Acts. The highest law is Divine, followed by Natural, Cognitive, and then Positive law. Positive Law is the set of moral laws enacted by valid associations of living higher order beings through proper authority for the governance of a body, community or society.

Rule of Law, is the guiding principle and standard of equity and fairness that determines whether a society or body is governed by Law, or without any valid, legitimate or effective law, namely: All law is equal that no one is above it; and All law is measured that all may learn and know it; and All law is standard that it may always be applied the same.

As all legitimate Positive law is by definition based upon some model of Morality, a law that is fundamentally morally repugnant is antithetical and by its very nature heretical to the notion of Law. Such law need not be repealed, but simply proven to be morally repugnant within a Competent Forum of Law and such a law ceases to have any force or effect.

“Justice” is the set of lawful Rights and Obligations of use, defined by those Laws consistent with the proper Rule of Law; and the Rights and Obligations associated with the proper administration and enforcement of such Laws is good faith, good conscience, and good character.

I state these facts not to lecture you or your readers, but as a reminder that the founding principles of truth and indeed the Law itself can be expressed succinctly, coherently and comprehensively. There is no need for great treatises or endless lectures. Sure, the Law becomes more and more complex, the deeper one seeks to comprehend historical concepts – but the foundations of what the Law is and what it is not, has stood since the beginning of human civilization.

Nothing that I have done in terms of temporarily turning off sites, or restructuring information is about denying the rights or requests of others to learn. Instead, I have faced very real threats against my life’s work and the theft, fraud, and misrepresentation of my intellectual property, creative works, and unique inventions – and such legal matters have consumed several years, many hundreds of hours and a fortune in costs and lost opportunities.

The theft, attacks, and misrepresentations forced me to rethink and defend myself or lose everything. None of it is about abandoning the integrity of what I have shared or discussed over the years. But when you are under surrounding attack and relentless onslaught seeking to grind you into the dirt by any means – then it takes its toll.

I do not and cannot dwell on the details of such matters – and they have been soul destroying, causing untold mental pain and suffering at the hands of people who have been more than willing to exhibit outrageous conduct and complete reckless disregard for my rights and my work – but I hope soon to be in a position to re-engage with you and everyone, once such matters are properly concluded.

So thank you and know that despite the legal and financial challenges that have cost me so much irreplaceable time, with what time I have left, I look forward to continuing to finish my works, to contributing and to helping people in a positive way.


I can only add that the timelines to which I referred in my letter are continuing to converge, and the need to unite all our efforts and to consolidate them as a comprehensive archive increases, too. We are all in our way feeling the “pinch of time” and the essential limits of our mortality.

A new world is being born even as the old one is being wiped away. The guardians of a new era have come and we can be assured that the old rulers are on their way out at last. Even now they and their works are being washed away like sandcastles embraced by the sea.

What remains for mankind is the path forward— and choices that people need to be aware of and make consciously, instead of stumbling about in the dark. Unlike the old “gods” of money and lust, the new ruling forces won’t interfere in our affairs or seek to benefit themselves. Instead, they will politely wait for us to ask for knowledge and help— as it is written, those who ask, receive.

As ridiculous as it seems, mankind is being liberated and then left alone to its own devices, like an experiment to see what we will choose, when we don’t even realize that we have choices to make.

Will we cling to what we have known for thousands of years — war, death, money, blood, and scarcity — simply because that is all we have known?

Or will we use this sacred moment called “now” to make new choices for ourselves, and ask for the help we need?

Frank’s work is not only an exhaustive recount of what was, but an invitation to think about what could be and what should be and why and how we might build a new world— and whether you agree 100% with his vision or not, Ucadia is emblematic of the conscious thinking and feeling process that needs to take place — if we and our children are to find our way forward and establish a lastingly better world.

My own approach is far simpler and more organic — the Earth Mother v. the Learned Father, yet I, too, absolutely know “where we are” in the Cosmic Scheme of All That Is.

I know that we must wake up and become truly aware of the choices and opportunities that are placed before us, and must make the conscious effort to choose against the blood-letting and insanity of the past in order to build what can be a paradise on Earth.

It can be, if we set our eyes on a righteous and peaceful goal, and ask for the help we need — help to wake up, help to conceptualize new ways of doing things, help to retrain our hearts and minds, help to recover from generations of artificially created scarcity, help to leave behind the mentality of slavery and truly embrace a world in which kindness and compassion and freedom can be the Rule of Law.




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